Opportunities To Win

Jonathan Willis
March 25 2011 10:29AM

When a goaltender has a bad game, it almost always results in a loss. A lot of times, teams don’t need a miracle in net, just an opportunity to win. How have Devan Dubnyk and Nikolai Khabibulin performed when it comes to giving the Oilers a chance to win any given game?

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Coyotes vs. Oilers Postgame: Boa Constrictor

Jonathan Willis
March 17 2011 10:01PM

Well, I’ll never get those two and a half hours of my life back.

I’m partially kidding, but that was a fairly boring game. The Oilers, who despite their flaws have at least had some interesting players for most of the season, were almost entirely bereft of guys who are fun to watch all on their own. The Coyotes, like pretty much every team Dave Tippett has ever coached, are one of the least exciting teams in the league on a good night, and this wasn’t an especially good night.

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Hemsky Done For The Season

Jonathan Willis
March 15 2011 02:10PM

The Edmonton Oilers received more good news for their lottery hopes another blow Tuesday, as it was announced that star forward Ales Hemsky would have surgery on a labrum tear and would not play again in 2010-11.

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Tom Gilbert, Buttery Soft

Jonathan Willis
March 12 2011 11:45AM

I have to admit that I get my nose a little bit out of joint when people start talking about how ‘soft’ Tom Gilbert is. I realize that he’s a 6’4” finesse defenceman who writes funny things in his blog over at the Oilers’ official site, but I think there is at least one item that should throw the ‘soft’ description out the window.

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Oilers/Red Wings Postgame: All Hail Devan Dubnyk

Jonathan Willis
March 11 2011 09:49PM

The game may not have been as one-sided as a superficial glance at the shot totals made it look, but there’s no doubt that without a heroic effort from Devan Dubnyk, things would have ended much sooner than they did.

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