The Matt Hendricks Career Curve

Jonathan Willis
March 15 2014 08:41PM


Matt Hendricks was a somewhat controversial addition by the Edmonton Oilers earlier this season. On the one hand, in a lot of ways he’s what the doctor ordered: tough, physical, capable of finding his way to the defensive zone without a map and compass and competent once he gets there. On the other hand, he’s also signed to a terribly risky contract for a depth player.

All of which makes his career scoring curve an interesting study.

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GDB 67.0: What Is Left To Play For?

Jonathan Willis
March 13 2014 12:17PM


It’s pretty easy to dismiss Thursday’s Oilers/Blues game as a meaningless affair, but the truth is that there’s still some point to the games being played – if not at the team level, than at least at the individual one.

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Edmonton Oilers recall Anton Lander, again

Jonathan Willis
March 12 2014 03:57PM


On Wednesday, the Edmonton Oilers announced that Anton Lander had been recalled from the minors on an emergency basis. It's the second time in four days the team has brought Lander up due to being down to less than 12 forwards.

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Marking Time

Jonathan Willis
March 12 2014 10:21AM


Mark Arcobello is set to become an unrestricted free agent at season’s end, and if I were him I’d look hard at moving on to another NHL organization. If I were the general manager of the Edmonton Oilers, on the other hand, I’d put some effort into keeping him, but it isn’t clear that will happen here.

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Ales Hemsky and the Edmonton Oilers' rebuild

Jonathan Willis
March 10 2014 02:37PM


Ales Hemsky didn't pretend that he knew how to fix the Edmonton Oilers when he was asked about his former team. But he did tell reporters in Ottawa that it was time for the young stars on the team to shoulder the load.

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