Drafting for Need at No. 16

Jonathan Willis
June 25 2015 09:38AM

Alex Plante

At this point we still don’t know whether the Edmonton Oilers will be drafting at No. 16 or whether they will deal the pick to another NHL team for immediate help, with the most likely target in such a deal being a defenceman.

What they absolutely shouldn’t do is draft for need.

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$71.4 Million

Jonathan Willis
June 24 2015 04:58PM

Peter Chiarelli3

It’s a busy time in NHL circles, with the league awards, entry draft and the opening of free agency all shoved together into the span of a week. On Tuesday we got an important piece of news that relates to teams’ summer planning: the salary cap for the 2015-16 season is expected to come in at $71.4 million. This makes it a good time to look at Edmonton’s salary situation.

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The Lying Time

Jonathan Willis
June 23 2015 11:38AM

Eddie Lack

There’s a cute little phrase that nicely sums up the kind of reporting one hears during intense negotiations. It’s “conflicting reports.” There’s a good reason for that: Information is at a premium and the key people on opposite sides of the discussion have a tendency to put out wildly differing accounts of the status of talks.

It’s true of political discussions, labour negotiations and it’s really true at trade time in the NHL.

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Todd McLellan’s coaching staff likely to be assembled “before Friday”

Jonathan Willis
June 22 2015 09:50PM

Todd McLellan2

Peter Chiarelli’s brief press availability on Monday touched on a lot of different points, one of which was the still under construction Oilers’ coaching staff. The general manager indicated at least the majority of Todd McLellan's group should be in place prior to the draft.

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Peter Chiarelli and the Amateur Scouts

Jonathan Willis
June 22 2015 11:33AM

Peter Chiarelli3

Over the weekend came news that the Oilers were conducting a housecleaning in their amateur and professional scouting departments. The professional side is hard to judge without knowing exactly what was said, though it must be admitted that the Oilers have done a poor job of adding veteran pros for many years now. The amateur side is more interesting, particularly since we can compare what the Oilers have done over the last few years with what Peter Chiarelli’s Bruins managed over the same span.

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