Anton Lander to IR; Jordan Oesterle recalled from OKC

Jonathan Willis
February 20 2015 09:40AM


If there was any question that Anton Lander really belonged with the Edmonton Oilers, it was addressed on Friday when he went through the age-old team tradition of being placed on injured reserve with a shoulder injury.

Replacing him on the roster is a player who has been a positive surprise pretty much all season: defenceman Jordan Oesterle. 

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The Problem with Passing Over Your AHL Coach

Jonathan Willis
February 19 2015 11:00AM

Todd Nelson

In the summer of 2013, the Edmonton Oilers decided to fire Ralph Krueger and replace him with Dallas Eakins. In so doing, they snagged a much-ballyhooed AHL head coach from the Maple Leafs organization and passed over Todd Nelson, a less-ballyhooed but equally accomplished minor-league head coach.

Leaving aside the qualifications of the individuals in question, it was a problematic organizational move for a couple of reasons.

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WWYDW: Buyouts

Jonathan Willis
February 18 2015 09:52AM


The Oilers have a few different players who could theoretically be bought out this summer. In Craig MacTavish’s shoes, which ones would you rid the team of?

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Todd Nelson’s Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
February 13 2015 01:40PM

Todd Nelson7

The Edmonton Oilers are now 9-9-2 under Todd Nelson, and they’ve carved that record out on merit. They’ve done it without David Perron (18 games), Taylor Hall (eight games) and Benoit Pouliot (seven games) for long stretches.

How is this happening?

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WWYDW: One to Three New Bodies

Jonathan Willis
February 11 2015 03:37PM

Craig MacTavish6

Edmonton Oilers general manager Craig MacTavish was on Oilers Now last week and he told host Bob Stauffer that there was going to be a limited amount of change in Edmonton this summer.

“There’s not going to be 10 new bodies coming in that dressing room,” he said. “There may be one or two or three new bodies.”

Our question for this week: Who should these new players be?

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