Objectively projecting Darnell Nurse

Jonathan Willis
August 05 2016 07:15PM


Darnell Nurse is a fascinating player, and his long-term career arc is of extreme importance to the Edmonton Oilers.

The most common method of projecting that sort of career arc is the old-fashioned one: Assessing the player’s physical skills and then imagining what he’ll look like in his prime. The one we’re going to use today is a newer method, which involves looking at what happened to players with comparable underlying statistics.

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Comparing Keith Gretzky’s scouting work to that of the Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
August 03 2016 01:00PM

Keith Gretzky is the new assistant general manager of the Edmonton Oilers. Prior to signing on in Edmonton, Gretzky was the scouting director of the Boston Bruins and the Arizona Coyotes. It’s far too early to judge his work with Boston, but in his time in Arizona he was a contemporary of Kevin Prendergast and Stu MacGregor of the Edmonton Oilers.

How does Gretzky’s work compare to that of MacGregor/Prendergast over the same period?

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David Musil re-signs with the Oilers

Jonathan Willis
July 29 2016 05:32PM


The Edmonton Oilers took care of their last bit of unfinished restricted free agent business on Friday, signing David Musil to a one-year contract extension.

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WWYDW: Who Gets The Ice Time in Bakersfield?

Jonathan Willis
July 27 2016 09:00AM


The Edmonton Oilers have some very interesting decisions to make with respect to which of their young players make the NHL out of training camp and which ones get sent down to the AHL to work on their games.

In this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday, we ask what our readers’ game plan entering training camp would be and how they would distribute the minutes in Bakersfield.

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How well did Adam Larsson play against top opponents last year?

Jonathan Willis
July 24 2016 07:00AM

On Friday, I looked at how Edmonton’s defencemen fared when played against the best opponents in the NHL last year. Immediately and repeatedly I was asked to show how newcomer Adam Larsson did in the same role.

The answer is that it’s complicated.

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