A Pilot Study

Jonathan Willis
May 01 2014 12:09PM


Statistical analysis of NHL hockey has come a long way, even in the relatively short period of time that I’ve been writing. But where should it go next?

There is a lot of information that our current knowledge doesn’t capture, and I have an idea to remedy some of that ignorance, at least for one team.

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Are there available players in Detroit who could help the Oilers?

Jonathan Willis
April 29 2014 10:36AM


One of Craig MacTavish’s more interesting lines at his end of season press conference related to the opportunities to acquire players that come along at the end of the first round of the playoffs. Could the Detroit Red Wings be a fit in that regard?

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Don't overvalue Griffin Reinhart

Jonathan Willis
April 27 2014 07:00AM

I don’t know where it’s coming from, but Edmonton is abuzz with talk of a trade that would see the Oilers move their third overall pick in this year’s draft to the New York Islanders in exchange for Griffin Reinhart, the fourth overall pick in 2012.

It strikes me as a bad idea.

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Buying Opportunities

Jonathan Willis
April 26 2014 01:57PM


It’s a shame for Craig MacTavish that the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks play in the same division. If they were in separate divisions, not only might he have added goalie Cory Schneider a year ago, but he would have an opportunity to make a play for some very talented individuals likely to be ejected from that team this summer.

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What happens if Aaron Ekblad falls to the Oilers?

Jonathan Willis
April 25 2014 07:48AM


The Edmonton Oilers don’t really need defensive prospects – the organizational cupboard is loaded there. But if Aaron Ekblad, a potential franchise defenceman, falls to the team in the No. 3 slot at this summer’s draft, it’s going to be awfully hard for the club to pick somebody else.

How would the addition of Ekblad impact the rest of Edmonton’s summer planning?

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