WWYDW: Dougie Hamilton and the Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
June 10 2015 01:12PM

A lot has been written about Dougie Hamilton in recent days and the possibility of an NHL team giving Hamilton an offer sheet, perhaps one so rich that the Boston Bruins have no choice but to let the player go. The team most often posited as being at the other end of that offer sheet? The Edmonton Oilers.

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Ottawa, Edmonton and Goaltending

Jonathan Willis
June 09 2015 01:00PM

Craig Anderson

The Ottawa Senators are looking to trade a goalie, as has been widely reported and would have been plainly obvious in any case to anyone paying even the tiniest bit of attention to the team. The Edmonton Oilers are looking to add a goalie, as has also been widely reported and would also be plainly obvious to anyone paying even the slightest attention.

What does seem to be becoming clearer is the Oilers’ likely target(s), as well as the likely cost of acquisition.

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Oilers extend Andrew Miller, Brad Hunt

Jonathan Willis
June 08 2015 11:35AM


The Edmonton Oilers announced on Monday that they had re-signed a pair of depth players, inking right wing Andrew Miller and defenceman Brad Hunt to one-year contract extensions.

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Todd McLellan's coaching staff appears to be coming together

Jonathan Willis
June 05 2015 02:17PM

Todd McLellan3

On Thursday night, the Oilers announced that associate coach Keith Acton and assistant coach Craig Ramsay would not be back with the team. Left unresolved was the future of interim head coach Todd Nelson and assistant coach Rocky Thompson, which may or may not be a tell as to what the group behind the bench will look like next season.

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The lessons the Oilers should take from Justin Schultz’s development

Jonathan Willis
May 31 2015 01:45PM


Justin Schultz has emerged as a focal point for much of the wrath directed at Edmonton’s ineffective blue line. Some of that is his fault; he lacks any kind of physical edge and has specific failings, particularly in the defensive zone.

Much of it, however, is the fault of an Oilers team that has done pretty much everything wrong in terms of how it’s handled the player. It isn’t Schultz’s fault the team encouraged unrealistic expectations, it isn’t his fault the team force-fed him minutes he wasn’t prepared to handle and he certainly didn’t hold a gun to the Oilers’ collective head and force the club to overrate him and underrate Jeff Petry.

It’s too late to fix those mistakes now. It’s not too late to learn from them.

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