Jonathan Willis
November 24 2014 10:34PM

Sharks 11.24.14

If there was any confusion about the kind of help that other NHL general managers might be willing to offer Craig MacTavish as his Oilers work their way toward yet another first overall draft pick, Jim Matheson came along on Monday and cleared it up.

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Oilers fire Frederic Chabot, hire Dustin Schwartz

Jonathan Willis
November 24 2014 11:19AM

Chabot, Frederic

The Edmonton Oilers made a coaching change on Monday, but perhaps not the one that might have been expected. Goaltending coach Frederic Chabot was dismissed from his position, suffering the consequences of his charges collapsing in consecutive seasons.

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Boiling Point

Jonathan Willis
November 22 2014 11:08AM

Craig MacTavish10

The Oilers are in rough shape, and with a rested Chicago team coming to town after Edmonton’s loss last night it’s a good bet they’ll be in worse shape 12 hours from now. This is a team crying out for action by the general manager.

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How much salary would the Kings need to retain to make Mike Richards tradable?

Jonathan Willis
November 20 2014 01:41PM

Mike Richards has two Stanley Cup rings, a reputation as a two-way forward, and plays a position the Oilers desperately need help in.

He also has years of diminishing returns (in three full years in the West, he’s never cracked the 50-point mark), a general manager complaining about his summer training regimen and a Horcoffian $5.75 million cap hit for the rest of this season and the five that follow it.

Is there a trade to be made there?

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If the Oilers’ advanced stats are so good, why don’t they win hockey games?

Jonathan Willis
November 18 2014 11:59AM

Dallas Eakins 19

The comments section on this website was a little testy yesterday, and analytics in hockey were a target for many. It’s understandable; there has been a lot of talk about the Oilers’ improved underlying numbers while at the same time the team isn’t winning hockey games. So what’s going on with that anyway?

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