Steve Tambellini: It's Injuries, Guys

Jonathan Willis
November 22 2009 10:16AM

Vancouver Canucks

There's an interesting article up on this morning, and Oilers' GM Steve Tambellini talks at some length about his team and the problems facing them.

I should warn you: he sounds pretty happy with his team.

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Oilers vs. Blackhawks Postgame: Mismatch

Jonathan Willis
November 22 2009 12:01AM

Chicago Blackhawks: 5

Edmonton Oilers: 2

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Comparing This Year To Last Year

Jonathan Willis
November 21 2009 01:21PM

2009 NHL Entry Draft, First Round

We’re far enough into 2009-10 to have a basic idea of what this year’s edition of the Edmonton Oilers is. Let’s look at this team and compare their projected numbers to the numbers from last season, and see if it fits with Steve Tambellini’s off-season moves.

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Oilers vs. Avalanche Post Game: Rust, Thine Name Is Deslauriers

Jonathan Willis
November 19 2009 12:21AM

Edmonton Oilers: 6

Colorado Avalanche: 4

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Oilers vs. Blue Jackets Post Game: Power Play 2, Everyone Else 0

Jonathan Willis
November 16 2009 09:02PM

Columbus Blue Jackets: 3

Edmonton Oilers: 2 (SO)

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