Dear Steve: Please Don’t Trade…

Jonathan Willis
November 24 2010 01:00PM

The front page story over at TSN today is an opinion piece by hockey insider Darren Dreger, one of the most connected men in hockey, and it delves into the problems facing the Oilers and the things Steve Tambellini might do to address them.

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Alea Iacta Est

Jonathan Willis
November 18 2010 03:46PM

While the loss of Nikolai Khabibulin to injury may have added an exclamation point to the Oilers’ early season struggles, none of the troubles so far are especially surprising.

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Jonathan Willis
November 13 2010 10:32AM

It’s been a lot of fun, writing here for the Nation family of sites .

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Dustin Penner: Perception And Performance

Jonathan Willis
November 11 2010 12:15PM

The fat jokes and the comments about entitlement disappeared last season as Dustin Penner put in a remarkable performance for a miserable club – exploding in the early going and then settling into a role as the club’s only bona fide offensive player down the stretch. Just over a dozen games into 2010-11, Penner hasn’t put up the same shiny scoring totals, and the comments have started to creep back into the picture.

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A New Goaltending Paradigm

Jonathan Willis
November 10 2010 03:51PM

With Nikolai Khabibulin’s implosion early on last night, and the subsequent solid performance of Devan Dubnyk in relief, the question of how games should be distributed between the goaltenders rose to the top of my mind. Personally, I think there are significant reasons why Dubnyk should be getting more playing time.

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