Postgame: Kings 3, Oilers 2 (Shootout)

Jonathan Willis
December 23 2010 11:51PM

Some quick post-game thoughts on tonight’s tilt between the Oilers and Kings.

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The Word “Stress” – Meaningless For Professional Athletes?

Jonathan Willis
December 23 2010 05:16PM

Meandering around the internets the other day, I came across a compelling article by Steven Reiss, an Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Ohio State University. It was his opening statement that caught my attention:

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The Season’s Most Pleasant Surprise: Jordan Eberle

Jonathan Willis
December 22 2010 06:14PM

There was a time when I was far less excited about Jordan Eberle than the average Oilers fan. In the summer of 2009, Eberle had already carved out a bit of a reputation thanks to some World Junior heroics (we didn’t know more were to come) and most fans were chalking him up as a can’t-miss prospect. I looked at him, and saw a player with relatively modest production (for a high-end prospect), likely overrated because he’d scored a few big goals in a brief tournament.

I’ve done a 180° since then.

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Revisiting Red Flags

Jonathan Willis
December 22 2010 08:58AM


This past summer, I had some concerns about whether Gilbert Brule was going to be able to sustain the high level of performance he had during the 2009-10 season. I listed five points that I considered to be “red flags,”and given that Brule’s performance this season has regressed, I thought we might review them.

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Reddox Time?

Jonathan Willis
December 20 2010 07:49PM

I think it’s time for the Oilers to correct a mistake they made in training camp. It’s time to recall Liam Reddox from the minors.

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