Jonathan Willis
December 01 2010 10:35PM


Yet another great effort from the Oilers tonight, this time against a pretty decent Montreal hockey club, and a come from behind win with Dustin Penner tallying the overtime goal. I really ought to be happy, but as much as I appreciate the positive signs we see on the ice, I find myself disgruntled with what’s happening off the ice.

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Darth Gerber & Sweet, Sweet Victory

Jonathan Willis
November 29 2010 09:55PM

The Oilers win 4-1.  That is all.

Except that it's not all, if you catch my drift.

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Rebuilding The Defence

Jonathan Willis
November 28 2010 04:35PM

Defencemen develop by sundial.

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Comparing 2010-11 With 2009-10

Jonathan Willis
November 26 2010 02:41PM

While the addition of some quality young players to the team has made Oilers games more watchable than last year, I’ve been curious to see how the team has a whole has improved from last season’s debacle. After all, the point of a rebuild is to slowly improve, and ideally we’d see this team making gradual steps forward.

One quarter through the season, how does this group compare with the 2009-10 Oilers?

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The Age Card

Jonathan Willis
November 26 2010 10:43AM

For some reason, Sam Gagner’s been a hot-button topic for the past few days, both here and elsewhere, and one item that keeps coming up is “the age card.”

Is Gagner’s age irrelevant? He’s in his fourth NHL season – shouldn’t he be pretty much at the peak of his game right now?

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