Just the numbers: with and without Strudwick at even strength

Jonathan Willis
December 29 2008 03:31PM

On Christmas Eve, I did a statistical evaluation of the defence pairings. By those numbers, it looked like Jason Strudwick was easily the worst defenceman on the team.

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Comparables for Tom Gilbert

Jonathan Willis
December 29 2008 11:12AM

Robin Brownlee made a comment a few posts down suggesting that Tom Gilbert, as an older rookie, likely had a lower ceiling than many fans (myself included) were projecting

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Evaluating the defence pairings

Jonathan Willis
December 24 2008 08:23AM

In the post below I examine the match-ups that each set of forwards and defence met against Phoenix. We’ve seen enough of the defence pairings to have a bit of a track record, so I thought I’d compare the pairings MacTavish/Huddy are rolling out now

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Line Match-ups: Edmonton vs Phoenix

Jonathan Willis
December 23 2008 06:35PM

I haven’t been keeping up with the line match-ups; I have a finite amount of time, and this hobby eats up way too much of it as it is.

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Depth, Or A Lack Thereof

Jonathan Willis
December 22 2008 12:07PM

The team’s 23-year old top scorer managed 28 goals and only 57 points. Only one defenceman managed more than 24 points.

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