Damian Cox should stick to writing about eastern teams he knows nothing about

Jonathan Willis
December 19 2008 06:00AM

Toronto journalist Damian Cox compares the Toronto Maple Leafs to other Canadian teams in his latest column.

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To Russia, with love

Jonathan Willis
December 18 2008 09:00PM

Word today that Dan Lacouture has left the Carolina Hurricanes and is attempting to join an unknown team in the KHL.

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Ales Hemsky and Shawn Horcoff

Jonathan Willis
December 18 2008 11:08AM

In one of the threads below, commenter Gord made an interesting comment, one that I thought deserved some investigation

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Positives and negatives (mostly the latter)

Jonathan Willis
December 17 2008 01:42PM

Last night’s game was ugly. We all know that –- it was a 9-2 loss, and there’s absolutely no way to gloss that over.

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Omark will be signed

Jonathan Willis
December 16 2008 01:48PM

One of the joys of the internet is the ability to read material from foreign news sources.

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