Tambellini Press Conference Live Blog (Updated!)

Jonathan Willis
April 15 2009 11:51AM


Steve Tambellini is giving a press conference at 12:00.  Video is available at the Oilers official site .  This is the official OilersNation live blog for the conference, and material will be added as the conference continues.

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Clearing Up A Misconception About NHL Coaches

Jonathan Willis
April 14 2009 07:16PM

Toe Blake

MacTavish would, it seems, love a team who are muckers, who play a very physical style and the trap to perfection. In other words, he wanted to be Jacque Lemaire, the former head coach of the Minnesota Wild. That is not Oilers hockey. The team President of Hockey Operations Kevin Lowe put together is much more fast and loose, which focuses on attacking and speed, not grabbing a one goal lead and sitting on it. — Jonathan Williams, Bleacher Report

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Just Because

Jonathan Willis
April 13 2009 12:40PM

And we continue to wait for the other shoe to drop.

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The List of Possible Head Coaches

Jonathan Willis
April 12 2009 10:41AM


With the season finally over, it seems inevitable that Craig MacTavish will be dismissed or resign from his position as an NHL head coach. The question that most fans have been wondering for the last few weeks is who exactly will replace him.

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First Line Forwards

Jonathan Willis
April 12 2009 01:46AM

first line

There are thirty teams in the NHL. Each team has one first line, with three forwards on it; ergo there have been ninety first-line players since the lockout. Defining a first-line player is difficult, but the most obvious requirement is offense. With that in mind, I went and researched the top ninety players by points per game since the lockout at Hockey-Reference.com.

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