A cull of quotes

Jonathan Willis
October 14 2008 11:34AM

Given that it’s the regular season again, there’s a ton of reporting on the Edmonton Oilers in the press, and I thought it might be nice this morning to touch on some of the quotes out there

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Line Matching: One Day Later

Jonathan Willis
October 13 2008 11:39AM

Before the game yesterday I put together predictions for the match-ups based on Tony Granato’s use of his lines against Boston.

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Oil vs Avs: Line Matching

Jonathan Willis
October 12 2008 02:30PM

The opening game of the season goes tonight, so I thought it might be helpful to review how Tony Granato ran his lines out against Boston in Colorado’s first game this year

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Fun With Garrioch

Jonathan Willis
October 12 2008 09:53AM

Most teams are a couple of games into their NHL seasons, so it is clearly time to panic, right?

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Ego, or why we use statistics and videos

Jonathan Willis
October 12 2008 06:00AM

I’ve been reading Roger’s World by Wayne Scanlan, a biography of legendary coach Roger Neilson. It’s been a little disappointing to date

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