The Ottawa Options

Jonathan Willis
January 11 2009 01:11PM

Ottawa-Edmonton rumours have been the norm this season, although they seem to have intensified the last little while, at least in the Ottawa papers.

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The new fourth line

Jonathan Willis
January 07 2009 10:38AM

From what I’ve seen, the Oilers new fourth line of Stortini, Brodziak and Strudwick has looked much better than any previous combination.

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AHL Prospect Rankings: #19 – Geoff Paukovich

Jonathan Willis
January 06 2009 03:49PM

If Geoff Paukovich ever dresses for an NHL game, it won’t be his scoring ability that gets him there.

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AHL prospect rankings: #20 – Ryan O’Marra

Jonathan Willis
January 04 2009 09:23PM

In this series, Jonathan Willis ranks the Oilers’ prospects playing for the Springfield Falcons in the AHL.

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Penalty Differential

Jonathan Willis
January 01 2009 11:50AM

One seldom-looked-at statistic is penalty differential. The NHL keeps track of each penalty taken, but it also tracks how many penalties each player draws.

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