Another Approach To Projecting Andrew Cogliano

Jonathan Willis
April 29 2009 07:19PM


I read an article on Irreverent Oiler Fans the other day that started me wondering on the offensive potential of Andrew Cogliano. That post worked backwards; looking at NHL impact players and identifying what percentage of them had similar seasons at the same age. What I’m about to do is the opposite; I’ll look at players who had similar offensive seasons to Andrew Cogliano and attempt to establish what range of offense he’s likely to produce as an NHL’er.

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Coaching Records Since The Lockout – Let The Reader Use Discernment

Jonathan Willis
April 28 2009 08:10PM


With the news coming out today that the Oilers are going to interview Tom Renney (shown above, demonstrating his easy going manner and rapport with his players), I thought it might be of interest to take a look at the records of NHL coaches post-lockout.

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Expected Vs. Actual Save Percentage

Jonathan Willis
April 27 2009 01:47PM


Gabriel Desjardins of does a study at the end of each season that attempts to measure difficulty of shots that every NHL goaltender faces. The methodology can be found here, and it’s an interesting look at a statistic that’s largely swayed by team ability.

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World Championship Scoring Leaders

Jonathan Willis
April 26 2009 09:33AM


With the first two days of the 2009 IIHF World Championship in the books, most of the games have featured the hockey powers dominating smaller countries.  Canada, Russia, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic and the United States have beaten Germany, Belarus, Latvia, Norway, Austria and Denmark by a combined score of 30-4.

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The Edmonton Oilers Top-50 Prospects

Jonathan Willis
April 25 2009 11:33AM


This is my ranking of Oilers prospects; every single prospect of note is included somewhere on this list. It differs significantly from similar efforts by The Hockey News and Hockey’s Future - I’m much less concerned with draft position than I am in where the prospects are right now.

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