Fixing actual problems

Jonathan Willis
September 02 2008 01:49PM

By now, we’re all familiar with Kevin Lowe’s moves this summer.

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Willis' NHL: five things that should change

Jonathan Willis
August 28 2008 02:00PM

Wanye suggested that I take a stab at this, so I decided I would. I’m largely in agreement with James Mirtle’s suggestions

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Prospect Petry: room to grow

Jonathan Willis
August 26 2008 06:15PM

A good profile from Inside College Hockey today got me thinking about Oilers prospect Jeff Petry.

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Get that money

Jonathan Willis
August 26 2008 01:13PM

It's been a while since I've looked at the Oilers from a salary perspective. Outperforming contracts is very important in a salary cap era

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One of these things is not like the other

Jonathan Willis
August 24 2008 02:14PM

There are quite a few guys who signed big-time deals this off-season; most of the contracts were welcomed by each team’s respective fans, much like the Sheldon Souray contract

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