The Bounces

Jonathan Willis
March 17 2009 03:10PM


Alexander Ovechkin is probably the most popular player with the fans in the National Hockey League. He’s certainly it’s most electrifying figure -- for all of the league’s efforts to put forward Sidney Crosby as the face of the game it is Ovechkin, a flashier, more physically imposing player with some genuine charisma who has claimed that role.

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Western Conference Bubble Teams: Last Ten Games

Jonathan Willis
March 17 2009 10:01AM


We all know how bad the Oilers have seemed of late.

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Craig MacTavish Line Blender – Just Add Ice

Jonathan Willis
March 16 2009 03:17PM


After rotating his lines around mid-game against Colorado on Saturday, Craig MacTavish has decided to employ new units for tomorrow’s game against the St. Louis Blues.

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Things That Don’t Belong in the Game

Jonathan Willis
March 16 2009 01:05PM

Last night, in a game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers, Braydon Coburn cross-checked Nikolai Antropov in the head

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The Achilles Heel of the 2008-09 Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
March 15 2009 10:38AM

Goal against

The penalty-kill is the biggest reason that this team has underachieved to date.

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