The Mighty Oil, according to EA Sports

Jonathan Willis
August 13 2008 02:11PM

The greatest indicator of an NHL player’s ability has just been released, and it shows troubling news for the Oilers. I’m not talking about hockey pool guides, or the NHL awards show, or even discussing each player on an individual level with the GMs of all thirty teams.

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An eventful day in Springfield

Jonathan Willis
August 12 2008 08:03PM

The Springfield Falcons had an extremely busy day signing four forwards and a defenceman.

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A closer look at Cogs

Jonathan Willis
August 06 2008 02:04PM

There’s a good discussion on-going at Lowetide’s site about what constitutes reasonable expectations for Andrew Cogliano in 2008-09.

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Oilers win division!

Jonathan Willis
August 05 2008 07:21PM

Well, this is a little bit late, given that ESPN’s Scott Burnside posted his Summer Power Rankings back on July 25th, but when I saw them this morning, I simply had to pass the word on

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Tambo, meet MacT

Jonathan Willis
August 02 2008 04:00PM

One of the three hundred or so questions buzzing through my head as I learned that Steve Tambellini was to become the new General Manager of the Oilers was what his relationship would be like with Craig MacTavish.

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