Primary and Secondary Assists

Jonathan Willis
April 08 2009 10:59AM

Gilbert Robin Brownlee mentioned second assists in his latest column, saying that Tom Gilbert’s numbers have been inflated by a bunch of second assists. It’s a point worth noting; obviously a first assist in most cases is going to be more valuable, so I thought I’d break down the Oilers assists this season to see who is cashing in on the greatest amount of secondary assists.

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Ales Chemistry

Jonathan Willis
April 07 2009 12:04PM


There’s an idea getting quite a bit of play lately that Ales Kotalik and Ales Hemsky are finally starting to show chemistry playing together. While both are playing well, I don’t think that’s necessarily true.

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Around the Blogosphere: April 6th

Jonathan Willis
April 06 2009 03:00PM


Below, you’re going to see a link that takes you to an article arguing that the Oilers should sign Josh Harding to an offer sheet. The article argues that this is in the best interest of the Oilers, but what about Josh Harding? Is it fair that he continue to toil behind Nik Backstrom despite his own exceptional talents? Look how crushed he is in this picture. I’m sure it’s all he can do to put on a smile and congratulate Backstrom – all while carefully hiding his eyes from the camera, lest someone should see his real feelings.

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The Odds

Jonathan Willis
April 06 2009 09:39AM


Let’s assume the Oilers can win out their remaining three games (1 against Los Angeles, 2 against Calgary). How much help would they need from their opposition?

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Momentum And The Stanley Cup

Jonathan Willis
April 04 2009 11:10AM

2002-cup-win There’s an idea floating around out there that a team needs to be hot going into the playoffs. That idea is totally and completely wrong.

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