We need 20ccs of comeback - Stat!

Jonathan Willis
July 29 2008 09:18AM

Liam Reddox had a very interesting season. It’s interesting because in 2006-07, he did everything he possibly could to demolish his rating as a prospect.

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Beating The Odds

Jonathan Willis
July 27 2008 12:16PM

I reference Gare Joyce’s book Future Greats and Heartbreaks in my last post, and I’m going to do it again here.

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Sonier Evaluations

Jonathan Willis
July 26 2008 11:16AM

Grant Sonier is a Michigan-based amateur scout for the Boston Bruins. Previously, he’s been the assistant general manager of the Los Angeles Kings and Florida Panthers, the G.M. of the Detroit Vipers of the IHL, and an assistant coach and head coach of ECHL, IHL and junior teams.

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All the things I'm missin'… Are waiting at the end of my ride

Jonathan Willis
July 25 2008 01:19PM



Reading Matt’s post over at Battle of Alberta the other day, I was remiss in not mentioning the country bar scene from Blues Brothers as one of the best scenes in film.

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Interview with the Minister of Defense

Jonathan Willis
July 25 2008 09:18AM

Dan Tencer had a nice interview with Oilers assistant coach Charlie Huddy (the man in charge of the defense) the other day,

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