Sheldon Souray: Is he really the player you think he is?

Jonathan Willis
July 23 2008 04:27PM

Too much emphasis has been placed on Sheldon Souray’s season in 2006-07, both by his detractors and by his supporters.

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You want the numbers? You can’t handle the numbers!

Jonathan Willis
July 22 2008 09:03PM

One of the more popular assumptions among those who follow the Oilers is that the powerplay was bad early on and that it came to life down the stretch

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Falcons announce three new hatchlings

Jonathan Willis
July 21 2008 08:59AM

When you’re a professional hockey player with hopes and dreams, it’s a bad sign when the ECHL website is the place announcing that you’ve been signed to a contract.

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Edmonton Oilers Powerplay: 2008–09

Jonathan Willis
July 20 2008 03:30PM

One of the consistent weaknesses of the Edmonton Oilers under Lowe/MacTavish has been the team’s consistent inability to ice a successful powerplay.

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Update on the Mystery Men of the 2007 Draft

Jonathan Willis
July 19 2008 11:24AM

The players selected by the Oilers in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft can basically be broken into two groups

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