May 01 2016 01:37PM

The Ontario League (OHL) has an enormous crop of draft-eligible players ready to be selected by NHL teams in the 2016 draft. The league that has supplied legends from Orr to Gretzky to Lindros to McDavid will not produce the top pick, the second pick or (likely) the third pick. After that? Look out.

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#MakeitFive Live Coverage

Jonathan Willis
April 30 2016 04:30PM

Draft Lottery

The NHL Draft Lottery may be a poor substitute for playoff hockey, but for the last decade it is pretty much all that fans of the Edmonton Oilers have had to cheer for.

However, while the on-ice results have not been kind to Edmonton, the off-ice ones certainly have. Four times in the last six years, the Oilers have won the draft lottery and the right to select first overall; at this point, the team is basically a lottery dynasty.

On Saturday night, the team tries to #MakeItFive.

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April 30 2016 09:22AM

I have promised myself this draft lottery day will never match last year (this video has been viewed over 100,000 times—I am in for over 50 myself) but the new rules mean there is grave danger as well as rich reward at 6pm our time.

Everybody is talking about the lottery. Will Edmonton win? At what point does luck become diabolical? The NHL draft lottery has fans yelling at hood ornaments, shaking fists at clouds and working themselves into an epic Saturday night lather.

Is the NHL lottery a sport? The searing pain in that video suggests the answer is yes.

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2015-16 Oilers: The Taylor Hall Line

Jonathan Willis
April 30 2016 07:00AM


Taylor Hall entered the year as the Edmonton Oilers’ top line left wing, the anchor point for the club’s best forward unit. He remains at the top of the team’s depth chart, but by the end of the year his line had fallen into a secondary role, victims both of a late-season slump and of the irresistible force that is Connor McDavid.

How did the various iterations of the line perform over the course of the year?

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April 29 2016 09:05PM

lottery april 26

The NHL draft lottery goes tomorrow—in less than 24 hours we will know where Edmonton is slotted among the lottery teams. If the tumblers click in the right order, the internet could be down for days! If the Oilers choose second or third, most fans will know the names of Patrik Laine and Jesse Puljujarvi. What about No. 4? No. 5? Who should be considered the favorite for those spots. Well, I would like to say it is difficult to identify the player Edmonton probably likes, but he is making himself very obvious. 

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