August 29 2012 01:43PM

The position of center for Edmonton features a ridiculous teenager, an early 20s enigma, two old goats and several plough horses. This isn't your Daddy's Oilers at center.

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Linus Omark: Plotting An NHL Return Through Switzerland

Jonathan Willis
August 29 2012 10:53AM

The Spengler Cup (Abercio/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0)

This morning, Linus Omark tweeted that he had a new team: Zug, of the top Swiss league. While his detractors undoubtedly will imagine that as the beginning of the rest of his career in Europe, Omark actually chose Zug specifically to enable him to return to the NHL.

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Robin Brownlee
August 28 2012 09:51PM

Ryan Jones won over many (not all) of his critics by scoring 17 goals last season as a follow up to the 18 he potted during his coming out party with the Edmonton Oilers in 2010-11. It was a classic case of SIUTBOHC for those who thought his emergence was a fluke, a one-off.

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August 28 2012 01:18PM

While NHL fans do a slow burn and the league's player prepare for a season that may never come, the owners and Bettman appear to be enjoying another season of good times on Boardwalk, Park Place and Pennsylvania avenues. Allan Mitchell tackles the issues with some heavy hitters.

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Ten Points: Petry, Hemsky, Smid, Lou Lamoriello, and a change for Hockey Night in Canada

Jonathan Willis
August 28 2012 09:39AM

Jeff Petry (5of7/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0)

1. Jeff Petry’s offensive game. It’s hard to believe, given the player he looked like on the ice in 2011-12, but the last time Petry scored 10 goals was 2006-07 in the USHL. He’s a heck of a player, and there’s a lot of value there that doesn’t show up in the point totals but I just don’t see him as a big-time offensive defender – his numbers in college and the AHL scream that he’s a 30-point defender. I do think he’ll be a big part of the team for a long time, but I doubt he’ll be the straw that stirs the drink offensively.

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