Thoughts on the new arena deal

Jonathan Willis
January 24 2013 10:28AM

On Wednesday, Edmonton City Council voted 10-3 in favour of an amended framework to construct a new downtown arena. Mayor Stephen Mandel said the words that many an Oilers fan with arena fatigue wanted to hear:

It’s 100 per cent. A deal is done.

With all due respect to the mayor, the deal actually isn’t done and it won't be unless everything goes as hoped by the parties on March 7. That and some other comments about the revised agreement after the jump.

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January 23 2013 05:29PM

Taylor Fedun heads a list of 6 AHL rookies who have played a significant role for the OKC Barons in the 2012-13 season. How many of these kids can be considered "legit" NHL prospects?

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Jason Gregor
January 23 2013 02:11PM

Not even free beer could brighten the spirits of Oilers fans after sitting through the worst first period of a home opener in franchise history.

The Oilers stunk.

They couldn't play defence.

They rarely had the puck.

They didn't get any saves from their goalie.

They took too many penalties.

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January 23 2013 12:02PM

Rumours abounded on twitter that the Oilers were giving away a free beer for everyone at the home opener against the Sharks. When we read this amazing news our eyes bugged out of our head like in that scene in the Mask where something happens to Jim Carrey and then Cameron Diaz does a sexy dance.

Yes, it was exactly like that.

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How not to kill a penalty

Jonathan Willis
January 23 2013 09:36AM

There were a lot of really nice goals in last night’s game. On the positive side, Nail Yakupov’s first NHL goal was a perfect finish to some very bright passing; Justin Schultz also scored with a wicked shot. On the negative side, the Oilers’ defence and penalty kill were cut to ribbons in all sorts of interesting ways.

For my money, no single goal was more illustrative of the night it was than the Patrick Marleau goal that made the hockey game a 4-1 affair.

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