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December 13 2012 11:24PM

NHL CBA is a flop

It took a long time, but it looks like we're now at the final table in this high stakes game of poker that is the NHL CBA negotations.

And yes, this this is and always has been a heads up game. Neither you, nor I, nor any of the tens of thousands tens of hundreds tens out there that organized or took part in sit-ins, petitions or protests have a seat at this table, despite the fact that both sides are playing with our money.

Although, is this really any different that the real world? I mean, this pretty much describes our government institutions, and even more so the professional gamblers on the investment banking circuit that nearly blew up the house of cards that is our global financial system.

But I digress. Let's have a look at where we are heading into this final round...

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December 13 2012 05:16PM

How many players should we expect Todd Nelson to graduate to the NHL next season? What would the number be in a typical year? How many prospects a season does Edmonton produce via their minor league system?

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Jason Gregor
December 13 2012 09:43AM

We've seen NHL teams buyout players before, but yesterday Larry Brooks had an interesting take on how the NHL could use a "sum-zero amnesty buyout program" that could ensure the owners don't spend more than the 50/50 proposal.

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Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall separated in Oklahoma

Jonathan Willis
December 13 2012 07:45AM

With the Oklahoma City Barons sliding down the AHL standings – the team currently sits ninth in the Western Conference and has lost five straight games – head coach Todd Nelson has opted to shuffle the lines. Not only has he broken up the “Nordic Line” of Teemu Hartikainen, Anton Lander and Magnus Paajarvi, but he’s separated NHL stars Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle.

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Robin Brownlee
December 12 2012 09:13PM

Edmonton Oilers

It was nice to see a little humility expressed by John Karvellas, Daryl Katz's point man for the proposed downtown arena project, today at city hall. And it was equally satisfying to see mayor Stephen Mandel and council vote 11-2 in favor of re-opening talks with the Katz Group.

Today's events were, at the very least, better than more grandstanding, although some of that was provided by councilors Kerry Diotte and Linda Sloan, or veiled threats about the Oilers leaving town if Katz doesn't get the rink he wants, although some observers interpreted comments by team president Patrick LaForge as that.

While nothing that transpired today constitutes a done deal, or anything close to it, agreeing to resume talks is a start and we'll have to see if Katz takes the ball and runs with it – he'll get his chance Jan. 23 – after a meeting that had a distinctly different feel to it than the "them" and "us" sessions of the past.

Karvellas not only announced the Katz Group is withdrawing its $6-million annual ask in the form of an operating subsidy and would put the numbers they've been throwing around in front of a mediator if the city would do the same, there was a lot more "ask" and a lot less "demand" in his tone.


"We are trying to be open and regain the trust we lost a few months back,” said Karvellas. "We’re not playing games with you, we’re not being sneaky. We’re trying to regain the trust that we lost. We realized coming in here today that we had a trust issue, that what we put forward was not believed."

While I'm guessing Mandel and council, not to mention fans, would like to have heard that sentiment expressed by Katz himself rather than Karvellas, it's a reasonable facsimile and a starting (again) point – if the sentiment translates to good faith bargaining by the Katz Group. That, we'll have to see.

There's a deal to be made here. The wildcard, as I see it, is the $100-million in provincial funding that's always been factored in as part of the overall funding but that isn't yet committed. What if it isn't forthcoming?

If that commitment isn't in place, the Katz Group could make great strides in putting some bite in what Karvellas said by simply proposing to council that they'll kick in another $50 million if the city will do the same. Too much to ask?


Did we really need cut-by-cut updates via Twitter from the World Junior Camp in Calgary? I think not, but we got them name by name this afternoon. Immediate information? Absolutely. Necessary? Not so sure.

That said, the updates today weren't nearly as much of an intrusion as the dubious made-for-TV tradition that has reporters and cameras chasing down disappointed kids after the early morning final cuts that are made before every tournament.

I enjoy the stage TSN has provided the WJC, and I understand why they want (and usually get) access to just about everything as part of their deal, but duly documenting the disappointment of bleary-eyed teenagers by sticking a lens in their face as they're packing their bags doesn't do a damn thing for me.


. . . It's terrific to see the organization and teammates rallying around OKC Barons rookie defenseman Brandon Davidson, who is undergoing treatment after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Taylor Fedun, who has embarked on his own compelling comeback road after suffering a badly broken leg last season, Yann Danis and Dane Byers, among others, are sporting close-to-the bone haircuts in support of Davidson, 21, whose diagnosis was made public Nov. 1. Fedun's fashion statement is here.

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