Best of the Nation – 1.20.13

Jonathan Willis
January 20 2013 09:36AM

It’s been a crazy week here at the Nations. With the end to the lockout, every team around the league scrambled to get their clubs ready to go in just a week; we saw some trades, some buyouts and a whole mess of low-end free agent signings. Today, we recap the week that was.

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January 20 2013 08:11AM

In a few hours we'll be watching our beloved Hall and Ebs with their Oiler mates against the Godless Canucks and their riot fans. A new addiiton this season to the cluster is young Russian winger Nail Yakupov. Who might end up being the best of the bunch.

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January 19 2013 12:26PM

The NHL is back today, with action for most clubs. The Oilers are on the outside looking in, due to playing in a smaller television market and not possessing a 'marquee' team. I expect it'll be the last time this happens for several years.

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Should Oilers Nation get their hopes up?

Jason Strudwick
January 19 2013 09:40AM

Everywhere I go I get stopped and asked about the upcoming season for the Oilers. People ask me if the goaltending will hold up. They want to know if the tight schedule with increase the likelihood of more injuries for a team that has had issues in this area in the past. Is Yakupov as good as he looks? On and on.....

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January 18 2013 02:33PM

If we were still a kid we would yell "HOCKEY IS BACK IN 1 SLEEP" because that is how we measured things back in those days. Now we are far more mature and the return of the NHL season means it is time for us at Nation HQ to get to steppin! More articles, more writers more games! More everything! Try things! Hurry!

To that end we are proud to introduce the first annual Nation Draft presented by United Cycle.

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