Jason Gregor
February 17 2012 12:49PM

How sweet would it be if Blade showed up and crushed Edward and Jacob ( I honestly just googled their name, because I've never watched an entire movie or read the book), who seemingly pop up everywhere. Compared to Blade, or Lost Boys, these new  vampire movies are a bore and way too sappy.

I wonder if  you'll feel the same when you walk into Rexall Place tonight. Wednesday night Rexall was jumping. Leafs fans and their kool-aid-drinking, Burke-is-the-greatest, Phaneuf-is-the-man and Kessel-was-worth-it attitude are hard to deal with, but their enthusiasm only made Oiler fans louder and the atmosphere electric.

It felt like a playoff game, and the game was very entertaining, but tonight the Avs are in town, and I don't sense we'll see the same excitement on the ice or in the stands. You can't control how the Oilers play, but as fans you can ensure you do your part and make Rexall a more vibrant, loud, and exciteable building.

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Big Opportunity

February 16 2012 11:17PM

The trade of Ryan O'Marra opens up opportunities for some OKC Barons forwards. Tanner House--an Alberta boy from Cochrane with a hockey resume that includes stops in Canmore, Penticton and Orono, Maine--has earned praise from his coach for 2-way play and attention to detail. The problem for Tanner House and this year's AHL prospects: goals.

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Jason Gregor
February 16 2012 03:33PM

Dallas Eakins played pro hockey for 15 years. He was an elite journeyman defenceman. He played for 18 different organizations in the AHL, IHL and NHL. He played 273 in the IHL, 609 in the AHL and 120 in the Show. He also spent another 220 watching from NHL pressboxes.

He understood his role and knew his limitations as a player, but he was lucky enough to play for and watch some of the best coaches: Roger Neilson, Mike Keenan, Lindy Ruff, Randy Carlyle, Perry Pearn, Pat Quinn and others, and Eakins was smart enough to monitored what worked for them as coaches.

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Oilers Trade Ryan O’Marra To Anaheim For Bryan Rodney

Jonathan Willis
February 16 2012 03:10PM

The Oilers pulled the trigger on a minor trade today, sending minor-league forward Ryan O’Marra to Anaheim in exchange for minor-league defenseman Bryan Rodney.

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Robin Brownlee
February 16 2012 10:04AM

Not so long ago, players around the NHL used to keep one eye on the phone as the trade deadline approached. They still do, but players in for a change of address are just as likely to find out about it by way of social media as they are in a phone call from the boss.

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