And in this corner!

Jason Strudwick
January 14 2013 06:43PM

Weighing in at 232lbs and standing six feet, two inches tall......Mark Fistric!!

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Edmonton Oilers add Mark Fistric via trade

Jonathan Willis
January 14 2013 01:43PM

The Edmonton Oilers actually added two defencemen to their training camp roster today. The big news was the acquisition of hometown defender Mark Fistric from Dallas for a third round pick; the smaller news was the recall of Taylor Fedun from Oklahoma City.

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Evaluating the Oklahoma City Barons

Jonathan Willis
January 14 2013 10:30AM

For the first four months of the season, many of the players the Oilers will count on in the majors this season - and all of the guys they will count on to fill in for injuries and slumps - have played in Oklahoma. It's a mix of brilliant, surprising (for good and bad) and uninspiring, and a lot of individuals have moved up or down the depth chart in four short months.

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January 13 2013 10:14PM

For Steve Tambellini, the year 2012 has to rank as one of the best of his life. Not only did the Oilers GM witness the draft lottery win live, he and his Oilers won the Justin Schultz sweepstakes. Two more incredible additions to the rebuild and all kinds of good arrows for the future. Speaking of future, when does it begin?

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Robin Brownlee
January 13 2013 05:45PM

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it probably it is a duck, so those convinced that the Edmonton Oilers played their outdoor game of shinny at Hawrelak Park today as a PR stunt intended to placate fans who had to wait out a 113-day lockout probably have it right.

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