Nation Radio - May 12, 2012

May 13 2012 10:30AM



The hot topic this week was the launch of the Nation Network's newest project NHLNumbers blog. Derek Zona, Kent Wilson and others stopped by to talk about how the new site came to be as well as what readers can expect from it down the road. In addition, Ben Massey called in to talk the Oilers and Edmonton FC while Kent Simpson updates us on the Oil Kings playoff march.

This is Nation Radio.

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May 13 2012 09:01AM

History will be made in our city today. In the land of ice and snow, our best teenagers will do their best to bring glory to our town.

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May 12 2012 07:51AM

For most of my adult life, hockey stats consisted of what we now call boxcars: goals, assists, points. About 2000, I started reading some interesting stuff online about advanced statistics. My reaction? Bill James stuck with baseball stats, you should too. However, a funny thing happened along the way: I learned something.

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May 11 2012 05:21PM


As we edge closer to the draft, it's important to "take stock" of what is available to the organization next season. Some of the available talent is in OKC, some in junior, some in Europe and some NHL ready talent is available via the draft. Who are these "bubbling under" prospects and who among them will be part of this Oil boom?

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Jason Gregor
May 11 2012 02:02PM

It sounds like the Oilers will make an announcement regarding Steve Tambellini's future with the Oilers after the World Championships. Tambellini will get an extension, I'm not sure how long, but he'll be the guy in charge. This isn't a surprise to anyone who has been following the team, but rumblings seem to be pointing to an announcement sometime during the week after Victoria Day.

The actions of the Oilers make it seem like he's known he'd be the guy moving forward for months, but an official announcement will finally happen.

Once it does, Tambellini has lots of work to do.

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