October 23 2010 01:50PM

Tonight is what you might call a perfect storm, if you define a perfect storm as "The Oilers playing on a Saturday night, after the Eskimos play someone or other at Commonwealth and it's Gregor's birthday."

Get ready liver, you are about to get it and we are about to give it to you.

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Oilers cheerleaders: the lunatic fringe

Robin Brownlee
October 23 2010 10:10AM

So, somebody named Lisi Monro has set up an on-line petition and Facebook page for people opposed to the idea of the Edmonton Oilers establishing a cheerleading team for home games at Rexall Place.

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Deep thoughts XXI: Pretty girls and patience

Robin Brownlee
October 22 2010 03:58PM

I don't get the point of running photos of pretty dames with Lowetide's pieces on a hockey website, but even if it's just a cheap hook (it is, isn't it?) I can't say I mind.

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This Is Us

October 22 2010 07:36AM

Last night's Oilers game was an enjoyable one. Although the town team lost, most shifts gave fans an indication about things to come. Speed, skill, passes and dekes that showed the true beauty of the game. Buckle up, this is going to be a fast ride.  

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Jason Gregor
October 21 2010 02:56PM


After what seems like an eternity, the Oilers are back on the ice tonight against the Minnesota Wild. When you have four days between games and only four games in the first 16 days of the season, today many Oiler fans are uttering words they thought they'd never say,"I'm really pumped about about watching the Wild tonight."

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