Jason Gregor
December 27 2012 09:36AM

Nail Yakupov is awesome. I'm not talking about his on-ice talents, which are pretty damn good; I'm referring to his ability to be honest. He isn't walking cliché, and I hope the Oilers don't try and neuter his vocal cords when he eventually suits up for them.

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December 26 2012 09:17AM

This is Nathan MacKinnon, back in Halifax in the Mooseheads dressing room. The talented forward is in Ufa today, part of Team Canada at the WJ's and adding a page to his draft resume. MacKinnon and Seth Jones are generally regarded as the top 2 players for the 2013 draft, and according to several tweets by Bob McKenzie today MacKinnon is the consensus #1.

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Robin Brownlee
December 26 2012 07:03AM

While it's probably prudent to curb ones enthusiasm, given Team Canada's opening game at the World Junior Championship in Russia amounted to little more than a controlled scrimmage against an overmatched opponent, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins gave fans plenty to cheer about in a 9-3 waltz over Germany today.

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Hey Jealousy

Jason Strudwick
December 25 2012 11:22AM

(Photo: Abercio/Wikimedia/CC BY S.A. 2.0)

It is a pretty rare thing for me to get jealous of professional athletes. Guys getting big contracts, scoring big goals or even dating a super model never got me envious. However I am jealous of the group of players that will represent Canada at this year's Spengler Cup tournament in Davos, Switzerland.

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Trilogies (part three)

December 24 2012 01:20PM

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The characters of Tuco and Angel Eyes (the Ugly and Bad) were originally meant to be played by Gian Maria Volonte and Charles Bronson, respectively. However, Sergio Leone eventually picked the wonderful Eli Wallach and inimitable Lee Van Cleef. Eastwood had to be convinced to take the role and exacted a heavy price from Leone for doing so that, in some ways, set a precedent for many actors negotiating starring roles today.

When I started this project I decided to parse out the prospect list and determine the likelihood of each prospect making the NHL at some point in their career. This would give me a handle on the true depth of the Oilers’ system and perhaps highlight any areas of concern.

Part of this effort rises from my unsettled feeling about optimism. Things are beginning to look good, and I am naturally inclined to simultaneously want to believe the hype and find the dark cloud in the silver lining.

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