Jason Gregor
January 03 2013 11:26AM

The twitterverse was buzzing this morning after Micheal Grange tweeted the NHL has agreed to two compliance buyouts per team for the 2013/2014 season. Sadly it didn't include Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr, but it still got most fan's attention. The interesting part is that the buyouts will allegedly come from the player's share of HRR.

Within in moments many were speculating how the Edmonton Oilers would appoach this scenario. I'm not sure two buyouts is likely, but one could happen.

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USA 5 – Canada 1: Anatomy of an Implosion

Jonathan Willis
January 03 2013 06:32AM

Canada suffered an awful defeat in the semifinals on Thursday morning to eliminate them from contention for the gold medal. What happened?

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Potential Depth Picks for the Oilers in 2013

January 03 2013 04:43AM

An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

I recently had a chance to talk a little about the Nations with a friend who is also a regular reader. I don’t usually get face time with readers so I took the opportunity to ask him if there were any topics he’d like to see covered that otherwise get overlooked.

His request was right up my alley.

He wanted to know who might be some worthy players to watch for the Oilers drafting in the later rounds, hence the title of this article. I love this kind of stuff.

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Magnus in the Middle

January 02 2013 04:52PM

Am I crazy for thinking this? Could Magnus Paajarvi be tried out as a potential center?

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The Edmonton Oilers Forward Depth

Jonathan Willis
January 02 2013 12:15PM

How many forwards does the average NHL team need in a season? Which prospects in the system have the best chance of being called up? Do the Oilers have enough quality guys in their minor-league system, or is it something they need to strengthen?

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