Jason Gregor
February 01 2011 08:53AM

I wonder if Tom Renney will be using a similar image to figure out his plan for the final 33 games. The Oilers are out of the playoff hunt, but look for them to try a few different looks and don't expect them to be a doormat the remainder of the way.

"There are some things we want to change, there is also some things we are going to implement that we believe will do us good in the long run as an organization. We are going to keep things simple, and we aren't going to try and reinvent the wheel. We are going to make sure on two things: Going into next year that we have a solid foundation on how we want to play, and that there is enough diversity to that where we can extract different tactics as required," said Renney.

"We want to continue to grow people and put them in a position where they can do that, and find out even more about themselves at this level. We can certainly be very disruptive in the western conference. We want to win and we want our record to be as good as we can possibly get it. Part of our mantra will be to go out, play hard and try to make a mess of things out here (in the west)."

I sense that Renney's comments will excite and possibly irritate some fans.

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Robin Brownlee
January 30 2011 09:29PM

I've long assumed NHL players would rather do away with the instigator rule that was put in place in 1992 and police on-ice disputes and cheap shots the good, old-fashioned way -- with fisticuffs. How wrong I was.

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Things to do at the All-Star Break

January 30 2011 08:03AM

I hate the All-Star break. It doesn't count in the standings, there's a long layoff between actual games and at my age any alteration in schedule makes me grumpy. Fortunately, there are some things to do, some of them involving good old hockey. 

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Learning From The Horcoff Contract

Jonathan Willis
January 29 2011 05:40PM

Let’s get something straight off the top: this is not a post to rehash how awful Shawn Horcoff’s contract is, or to revisit the same tired battles that get fought every time someone mentions his name.

In retrospect, however, it’s pretty clear that the Oilers made a mistake paying Horcoff like he was going to maintain his 2007-08 form forever.

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Strong Debut Seasons

January 29 2011 08:32AM

I love old time photos. This one features the great Gordie Howe in the middle, a young Bryan "Bugsy" Watson (who would one day coach our beloved Oilers) on the right and young Ray Cullen on the left. This photo is from 1966-68. One of the best things about following a team is watching the young players develop; Cullen had the better pedigree and was a better offensive prospect but it was Watson who had the longer NHL career. On the current Oilers roster, who are the keepers? The throwaways? The career minor leaguers? It's always been tough to say.

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