Jason Gregor
December 28 2012 04:02PM

The NHL has sent the NHLPA a new proposal. Will it be enough to end the lockout?

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Why is Oklahoma struggling?

Jonathan Willis
December 28 2012 10:31AM

With Oklahoma’s win over Texas on Thursday, the team’s record moves to 15-10-4, one game over 0.500. While it’s better than the other side of the win/loss line, it isn’t what was expected out of a team that has (for most of the year) boasted a trio of high-end NHL’ers up front, the AHL’s best player on the blue line, and the reigning AHL goalie of the year.

What’s the problem?

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December 28 2012 07:07AM

"He speaks better English than he lets you know," Bill LaForge (Esa's juniors coach) said. "When he needed new skates, he let me know. But when I asked him why he was late for curfew, he'd start talking to me in Finnish."

Esa Tikkanen brought the world a hybrid of Finnish and English – dubbed ‘Tikkanese’ – that could befuddle players, coaches, and interviewers alike. Most of all he was 'the Grate One'--an exceptional shadow, a skilled hockey player and a good man to have on your team. Mostly.

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Funny stories with Nail Yakupov & Alex Galchenyuk

Steve Dangle
December 28 2012 01:26AM


Nail Yakupov and Alex Galchenyuk are good friends and former teammates. Now they are competing for World Junior gold against each other. On the eve (or morning) of Team Russia's first game against Team USA at the 2013 World Juniors, enjoy some stories both guys have told us.

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KHL: Goal of the Year Candidate

Steve Dangle
December 28 2012 01:10AM

Not gonna lie to you - not a lot of huge names in these games. There. I was straight up. But there are some great highlights, including one goal I'd put in the conversation for goal of the year in the Ak Bars vs. Neftekhimik game.


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