GDB 69.0: Blood in the Water

Jonathan Willis
March 12 2012 05:45PM

The San Jose Sharks are in serious trouble. The playoffs are slipping away, they’ve been terrible over their most recent stretch of games, and they’ve already lost once to the Oilers in the last week.

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March 12 2012 01:05PM


Every now and again your ol' pal Wanye will stumble on information while standing in line at the bottle depot. It doesn't happen often and we don't make stuff up the rest of the time like other fake named internet bloggers.* So you can trust us when we say that the Oil are jerking around Ryan Smyth and that it is another example of how the organization is effing up in so many ways.

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Robin Brownlee
March 12 2012 12:09PM

Wouldn't it be great for fans if the rebuild the Edmonton Oilers are undertaking now resulted in five straight 100-point seasons, a President's Trophy and consistent finishes in the top-six NHL-wide? Of course it would. That, of course, guarantees nothing in terms of Stanley Cup success, as the San Jose Sharks will attest.

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Ticker Time...

Jason Strudwick
March 11 2012 03:05PM

On Friday morning as I was watching CNN a line came across on the ticker that caught my attention. It read "putting red line back won't make NHL safe". It has bothered me since I read it.

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Robin Brownlee
March 11 2012 11:51AM

While bad calls like the one referee Paul Devorski made in the Edmonton Oilers 3-2 shootout loss to the Colorado Avalanche Saturday provide easy material for one-liners on Twitter, there's no reason why mistakes like the one he made should stand uncontested.

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