Robin Brownlee
November 15 2012 10:22PM

At this point in the NHL lockout, it's ridiculous to contemplate an end to the work stoppage in terms of winners and losers because there's been so much damage done to both sides, the owners and the membership of the NHLPA – not to mention the fan base – already.

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November 15 2012 05:12PM


Jeff Petry is young, has proven he can play in the NHL and be effective, and is signed to a ridiculous value contract. If the Edmonton Oilers knock on the door of another NHL team and request a stud defender, it is reasonable to assume that a defenseman of some quality would be part of the asking price. Is that Fair? What if the defenseman was Shea Weber? 

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Ten Points: The Barons, Sergei Makarov and the lockout

Jonathan Willis
November 15 2012 08:09AM

1. If the lockout continues, Justin Schultz could set the AHL record for scoring by a defenceman. The current AHL record for points in a season by a defenceman is 96, set by Chris Snell (34 career NHL games) back in 1993-94. Schultz is currently on pace for 105 points over an 80-game season. He’s also on pace to record the most goals ever scored by a defenceman (41), 11 ahead of the current record-holder, John Slaney (268 career NHL games). On the other hand, he's also played just over a dozen games so far and his scoring may slow.

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Joffrey Lupul makes his KHL debut and Nicklas Backstrom nets a hat trick

Steve Dangle
November 14 2012 08:06PM

The KHL returns from a 9-day break with 22 teams playing in 11 games. Joffrey Lupul makes his KHL debut with Avtomobilist, Malkin stacks the pads (what?), Ovechkin return much to the delight of Nicklas Backstrom, and more.


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November 14 2012 07:05PM

One of the best things about Nail Yakupov is the company he keeps. Yakupov's agent is the brilliant hockey man Igor Larionov, who spent his career earning the reputation as the "thinking man's hockey player"--his positioning was the stuff of legends. When Larionov speaks on any hockey subject it is worth a listen; when he's discussing the Oilers #1 overall pick from 2012, it is best to listen closely.

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