Robin Brownlee
December 29 2012 09:58AM

As 2012 winds down I'm tempted to wax optimistic about an end to the NHL lockout in the wake of a close-the-deal offer to the NHLPA by Gary Bettman and the owners, but I'll resist the urge until we see if there's any sign of actual progress after a conference call between the parties this morning.

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KHL: Chara's Lev takes down Ovechkin's Dynamo, Bobrovsky & Ramo earn shutouts, Magnitogorsk dominates

Steve Dangle
December 28 2012 07:49PM


Hey, so the NHL made the NHLPA a 300-page offer. Exciting stuff.

While all the lawyers read over that exciting stuff, allow me to offer you today's KHL highlights.

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Jason Gregor
December 28 2012 04:02PM

The NHL has sent the NHLPA a new proposal. Will it be enough to end the lockout?

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Why is Oklahoma struggling?

Jonathan Willis
December 28 2012 10:31AM

With Oklahoma’s win over Texas on Thursday, the team’s record moves to 15-10-4, one game over 0.500. While it’s better than the other side of the win/loss line, it isn’t what was expected out of a team that has (for most of the year) boasted a trio of high-end NHL’ers up front, the AHL’s best player on the blue line, and the reigning AHL goalie of the year.

What’s the problem?

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December 28 2012 07:07AM

"He speaks better English than he lets you know," Bill LaForge (Esa's juniors coach) said. "When he needed new skates, he let me know. But when I asked him why he was late for curfew, he'd start talking to me in Finnish."

Esa Tikkanen brought the world a hybrid of Finnish and English – dubbed ‘Tikkanese’ – that could befuddle players, coaches, and interviewers alike. Most of all he was 'the Grate One'--an exceptional shadow, a skilled hockey player and a good man to have on your team. Mostly.

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