Trilogies (part three)

December 24 2012 01:20PM

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The characters of Tuco and Angel Eyes (the Ugly and Bad) were originally meant to be played by Gian Maria Volonte and Charles Bronson, respectively. However, Sergio Leone eventually picked the wonderful Eli Wallach and inimitable Lee Van Cleef. Eastwood had to be convinced to take the role and exacted a heavy price from Leone for doing so that, in some ways, set a precedent for many actors negotiating starring roles today.

When I started this project I decided to parse out the prospect list and determine the likelihood of each prospect making the NHL at some point in their career. This would give me a handle on the true depth of the Oilers’ system and perhaps highlight any areas of concern.

Part of this effort rises from my unsettled feeling about optimism. Things are beginning to look good, and I am naturally inclined to simultaneously want to believe the hype and find the dark cloud in the silver lining.

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December 24 2012 10:52AM

By the time the calendar turned over to December, Taylor Hall was starting to find the range. The tremendous start by Justin Schultz should have been fading and the machine that is Jordan Eberle could certainly be excused for flagging. What DOES the December scoring in OKC reveal?

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Merry Christmas!

Kent Wilson
December 24 2012 09:40AM



May all the Nations Network writers have a very merry Christmas today and tomorrow. Unless you're a grinch or something, then may you have a miserable humbug and successfully ruin everyone else's good time (looking at you, Bettman). 

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KHL: Great Grabo Goal, Ovechkin Beast Mode

Steve Dangle
December 24 2012 12:25AM

T'is the season to watch wicked goals and not people talk about decertification.

Enjoy! We'll be back on Boxing Day. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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December 23 2012 10:20AM

If the Edmonton Oilers are looking for a "bookend talent" to pair with Nail Yakupov, Stu MacGregor and his scouting staff might want to check out Valeri Nichushkin. He leads a strong group of 2013 draft eligibles from Russia on the road to Ufa for the 2013 World Junior Championships.

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