Oilers Point Projections: The Rest

Robert Vollman
October 31 2012 11:25AM

It's time for our third and final piece of looking at different statistical ways to project how many points each of the Oilers will score.

If you're just tuning in, we explained our methodology in more detail in our first piece, which covered the top-six forwards.  We followed that up with a look at the defensemen and finally we'll take a look at the remaining, secondary forwards.

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Ten Points: Talking Actual Hockey

Jonathan Willis
October 31 2012 06:51AM

The NHL isn’t in session, and we’ve talked about it to death. Plenty of guys are actually playing hockey, though, so nine of the following ten points will focus on action in the AHL and overseas.

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Robin Brownlee
October 30 2012 07:46PM

Everybody paying attention knows I keep score and, because of that quirk, they know I hold Bob Stauffer in high regard when it comes to his ability to telegraph what's going to happen with the Edmonton Oilers.

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Cure For Death By Lightning

October 30 2012 03:24PM

(Photo: Oliver Spalt/Wikimedia/CC BY 2.0)

Are the Lighting rebuilding or are they finished that process and trying to recover? Have they added enough pieces in Stamkos, Hedman, Connolly and others to climb out of the SouthEast division and become regular playoff contenders? Or are they still lacking in too many critical areas? Is Steve Yzerman the GM to build a winning team in Florida?

Tampa Bay is another one of those franchises that many of us aren’t able to follow that closely. They play in a non-traditional market, haven’t been competitive since 2004, and despite several high draft picks, don’t appear to have gained any traction. Tampa Bay seems to be one of those teams that fans only talk about when they come to town to play, or on draft day.

With that in mind I thought they were worth a closer look. I mean, it isn’t like we don’t have the time.

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Islanders and Oilers....Still tied at the hip?

Jason Strudwick
October 30 2012 01:10PM

In the 1980s the Islanders and Oilers were the gold standard for the NHL. They were winning Stanley Cups and their buildings were not outdated. Nassau Coliseum was built in 1972 and Rexall Place in 1974. Since both teams last won Stanley Cups neither has had much success. For a while now both organizations have been in a struggle to get new arenas to play in.

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