December 12 2012 07:42PM


WHOA! Jason Strudwick's article yesterday and the comments that the fair citizens saw fit to leave was probably one of the more interesting conversations in the history of the Nation Network. We read them all late into the night and were floored at the quality of the debate that went down. All this time we thought we were hanging out with our fellow mouthbreathing Oilers fans, and instead it turns out that most of you are smart as all hell.

We will need to make, sure? that we use proper punctuation in: articles from - here on.

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“No progress” in lockout talks, but the end is near all the same

Jonathan Willis
December 12 2012 05:08PM

Remember last week, when negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA collapsed? Don Fehr gave a press conference, saying the two sides were close, then came back and said that talks had broken off, and then Gary Bettman gave what was likely the angriest media availability of his NHL tenure, insisting that the owner’s offer of $300 million in “make whole” payments was now off the table.

The two sides met on Wednesday, and despite the rhetoric seem not to have moved much at all from their positions during the ‘owners/players only’ meetings.

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Jason Gregor
December 12 2012 09:45AM

We experience a variety of "worst feelings" throughout our lives, and no milk in the house when a full bowl of delicious cereal is staring you in the face is one of them. Sitting on the throne only to realize you have no toilet paper ranks up there as well, but getting your sporting hopes up and then having them crushed might be the worst.

The good news for Oilers fans is that you're likely immune to this feeling, after suffering through the last six seasons. Every October, and sometimes into November, you've allowed yourself to believe that the playoffs were a possibility. Then over the next three months you watched that dream slowly evaporate into an abyss of losing and heartache.

Today could be one of those days. The NHL and NHLPA are meeting in a secret locale while the Katz Group speaks to city council regaridng the arena deal at 9:30ish this morning.

Is it possible Edmonton fans could see progress on both fronts?

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Phil Housley

Jason Strudwick
December 12 2012 09:24AM

Looking back on my career, I was lucky enough to play with and against great players. As a Canadian, I always seemed to cheer for and follow the Canadians closer than the American or European-born players. That changed for me when I got a chance to play with Phil Housley.

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Top 10 KHL Goals, Saves and Hits of the Week

Steve Dangle
December 12 2012 08:28AM


Because how much b-roll of Gary Bettman walking in and out of a building can you possibly watch?

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