Trilogies (part two)

December 18 2012 06:04PM

To many outsiders the Oilers were foolish to pass on Adam Larsson in 2011, and foolish again to pass on Ryan Murray in 2012. Fans and observers in other NHL cities were taking it as a given that the Oilers would try to balance out their developing core by adding blueliners at the top of the draft. When they didn’t the criticism came early, but died down fairly quickly as well. By the midpoint of last season I don’t recall anyone but the fiercest of trolls still criticizing the Oilers for taking Nugent-Hopkins over Adam Larsson. And certainly by the time the Oilers’ rookie camp had begun there didn’t seem to be much floating around about Ryan Murray being a better pick than Nail Yakupov.

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Jason Gregor
December 18 2012 12:05PM


While the NHLPA conducts the longest voting process in the history of sports lockouts, unofficially of course, let's take a break from the exciting chatter about disclaimer of interest, make whole, anti-trust and the other riveting hockey topics we've been educated on the past weeks.

Today we'll have a quick round of Tuesday trivia.

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December 17 2012 08:10PM

I'd love to see Ralph Krueger's priority list for the coming season (whatever season that is). Along with convincing Steve Tambellini to pass on the opportunity to sign Nikolai Khabibulin for another 4 years, what should Krueger do? What does his list look like? What would your list look like? Mine is after the break.

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Robin Brownlee
December 17 2012 06:05PM

I don't know if Jordan Eberle will ever shut up the critics who predict his ridiculous shooting percentage is destined to fall back to more mortal levels at some point in his fledgling career as a pro, but I hope so (even if I think not). That said, does it really matter?

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Jason Gregor
December 17 2012 02:27PM

After Jordan Eberle tallied 34 goals and 76 points last year, some suggested that would be his career-high. But the statistics that many felt was unattainable was his 18.9 shooting percentage. Eberle tallied 34 goals on 180 shots. Steven Stamkos was the only player to score more goals, 60, and have a higher SH%, 19.8. Curtis Glencross, 26 goals on 110 shots for 23.6 SH % and Jiri Hudler, 25 goals on 127 shots for 19.7 SH% were the only other players with 20+ goals and a higher SH % than Eberle.

We won't know how efficient of a scorer he will be in the NHL until the suits find a way to end the lockout, but in the American League Eberle is scoring at a rate they haven't seen in over a decade.

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