November 30 2012 07:22AM


Among the men who helped shape the "Boys on the Bus" Lee Fogolin holds a special place in Oilers history. No one was tougher than Fogolin, no one bled more than Fogolin in the name of the copper and blue, and when the time came, no one could imagine the class and grace displayed by Fogolin when he passed the mantle.

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KHL: Ovechkin's sick dangle, Yakupov has 18 in 18, Kulemin scores, and more

Steve Dangle
November 29 2012 10:25PM


Remember yesterday when I said I'd bring you some of the games we missed the day before? Here they are! Plus a brand new one with Ovechkin making a KHL defenceman look like a scarecrow. Just disgusting.


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November 29 2012 07:52PM

With every blessed day that the Lockout drags on, your ol' pal Wanye is pushed further from home in the vain attempt to forget about the NHL and the beloved Edmonton Oilers. Today his sobering musings come from San Francisco. Also he is speaking in the fourth person, which has to be some sort of Olympic Record.*

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A chat with Jordan Eberle

Jason Strudwick
November 29 2012 10:40AM

How has the adjustment been going from the NHL to the AHL? It has been a little different. It took me a few games to get used to the style of play down here. The play is more choppy and more turnovers than I am used to. All in all I think the speed and the strength is the same as it is in the NHL. I don't think the decision making is as quick as I am used to, but I have started to adapt a lot better now.

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KHL: Kovalchuk outdone, Slovan shutout, and Red Army rolls

Steve Dangle
November 28 2012 09:16PM


Hey look! Fans cheering for hockey. I remember that.

Here are today's KHL highlights. SOme pretty notable games are missing. For example, we didn't do packs for Yakupov's team Neftekhimik, Malkin's team Magnitogorsk, Lupul's team Avtomobilist, etc, etc. There was a technical issue, but we still managed to make highlight packs for five of the games. To make it up to you, we will be doing packs for the important games we missed tomorrow, in edition to tomorrow's Dynamo Moscow vs Dinamo Riga game.


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