Jason Gregor
November 26 2012 01:28PM

In 1994/1995 the NHL and NHLPA avoided a season-long lockout and played 48 games. The lockout ended on January 11th, and the the regular season started January 20th and ended May 3rd. The Stanley Cup was awarded on June 23rd, which horribly late considering the Dallas Stars, 1999, and Carolina Hurricanes, 2006,  hoisted it on June 19th.

The NHL  won't wait until mid-February to cancel the season, like they did in 2005, and since they are in love with announcing game cancellations on Fridays, you can circle January 11th as their day of reckoning. They will either have a new CBA in place by then or for the second time in eight years no team will hoist the Stanley Cup.

So both sides have 47 days to pull their heads out of their asses negotiate a new CBA and avoid even more embarrassment.

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Career Probabilities: Teemu Hartikainen

Jonathan Willis
November 26 2012 11:22AM

With gloomy pictures of Tyler Pitlick and Curtis Hamilton painted over the first two parts of this series, for the third piece I decided to focus on a player who I have generally felt has better career prospects. Teemu Hartikainen is stylistically a good fit for the needs of the current Oilers – does he have enough game to take a spot on a scoring line?

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A chat with Ryan Jones

Jason Strudwick
November 26 2012 07:21AM

With this lockout going on, NHL players have lots of time to come on their old team mates radio show. I was pumped to have Ryan Jones on last week! He is a funny guy, solid player and a great addition for the community of Edmonton.

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KHL: Yakupov's 2 Points, SKA fires coach, Gonchar's cannon breaks glass

Steve Dangle
November 25 2012 09:40PM


Can you imagine how much everyone would freak out if a team won a game that moved them into 1st place in the league and then they fired the coach? Well, that happened today in the KHL. No, really.

Some great action around the KHL today. Check it out!

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The Best of the Nation - 11.25.12

Jonathan Willis
November 25 2012 08:42AM

After the jump, the best of the Nations from this past week, including a bunch of lockout talk, whether the Sedin twins are Hall of Fame-calibre players, which unknown Europeans might deserve an NHL shot, the best and worst jerseys in Oilers history, a healthy dose of comedy and a look at the only player to compete for the Grey Cup and Stanley Cup in the same season.

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