Jason Gregor
August 30 2010 11:21AM

Two weeks away from the Nation, (well almost two weeks, except when Wanye “meanest ever” Gretz made me write on article last week) and after a quick glance through some of the articles, it is nice to know we are less than two weeks from rookie camp, and just under three weeks from main camp.

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August 29 2010 08:26PM

It would seem that riveting goaltending drama hasn't prevented Oilers GM Steve Tambellini from pulling the trigger on a two year, $4.55 million dollar contract for young Sam Gagner.

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Reasonable Expectations 10-11: The Foot Soldiers (F)

August 29 2010 09:52AM

Every Stanley won by the Edmonton Oilers featured a strong group of foot soldiers. Men like Kevin McClelland, Mike Krushelnyski, Dave Hunter, Dave Lumley, Jaroslav Pouzar, Craig MacTavish, Martin Gelinas and more. The Oilers of today have identified their skilled men of tomorrow: the snipers, the rear gunners, the flyboys and they will likely play their future roles beginning in the fall. The foot soldiers of tomorrow? Today? Here's the list:

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Ashes By Now

August 28 2010 08:55AM

The job of an NHL scout is to project into the future. Their friends are knowledge, experience, other scouts, the tailor-made computer program, miles and miles of blacktop and sheer freaking luck. Their odds are so poor anyone not absolutely married to the career would drop it based on logic and reason within the three month trial period.

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Robin Brownlee
August 27 2010 08:27PM

Nikolai Khabibulin won't have to wait very long to find out the legal price he'll pay for his DUI and related convictions today -- the Edmonton Oilers goaltender will be sentenced in Arizona Tuesday.

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