GDB 46: Hello, Robert Nilsson!

Jason Gregor
January 20 2009 01:02PM

For the second straight game, the Oilers offence will get a boost; the fog has lifted and Robert Nilsson will play tonight with Gagner and Cole.

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News and Notes: where we’ve only ever said nice things about Penner and Souray

Jonathan Willis
January 20 2009 09:03AM

If you’ve ever see Penner or Souray in public, and decide to hassle them for an autograph or whatever, pay attention to their mood.

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Garon's 'fair shake', Reddox ain't no Rudy

Jason Gregor
January 20 2009 07:46AM

I was asked where I am regarding the Potulny re-assignment and some other things, so I will venture in on that and more random thoughts regarding the Oilers.

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Paradigm shift

Jonathan Willis
January 19 2009 03:47PM

I think it's a universal truth that we view life through the lens of our own experience. One of the best things I find about reading a variety of different takes on the same subject is challenging my own preconceived notions

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Monday morning confessions

January 19 2009 09:45AM

We have to confess that we are WAY too young for any sort of understanding of this “Hall and Oates” that was bumping on the PPV last night.

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