Dues paid: Corey Graham gets his gig

Robin Brownlee
August 13 2010 05:42AM

For old-schoolers like me, there's plenty to be said about the sometimes overlooked concept of working hard and paying your dues when it comes to landing that big job you really want. A dash of passion for your calling doesn't hurt, either.

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Oilers Announce Impressive Prospects Roster

August 12 2010 05:28PM

The Edmonton Oilers released their list for prospect camp today.

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August 12 2010 02:04PM


Making money in sports is a difficult proposition - unless you are Kenny "Effing" Powers, featured above signing a K-Swiss endorsement deal. The Edmonton Oilers seem to have figured this out and have ended their pay-per-view experiment

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The dog days... is this thing on?

Jason Gregor
August 11 2010 02:43PM

They call it the dog days of summer, and outside of the NHLPA worrying that they won’t be able to receive ridiculous 12 year contracts anymore, there isn’t a lot going in the hockey world. However, last night I was reminded why I love hockey more than most sports.

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Liam Reddox: Ginger with 9 Lives

August 11 2010 10:22AM

I've long been a fan of Liam Reddox. Despite a rather long list of "yeah but's" on his resume, the Oilers keep bringing him back as insurance and he keeps moving up the in-season depth chart. For a team looking for some sandpaper and an eye on what happens when the puck is going the wrong way, the little ginger might surprise. 

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