How Barry Fraser and the Edmonton Oilers’ scouting staff did their part to end a dynasty

Jonathan Willis
October 05 2012 07:17AM

It is commonly accepted that Barry Fraser and the Oilers’ scouting staff did tremendous work early in the team’s NHL existence, laying the foundation for the dynasty years.

It is also commonly accepted that during the mid-1990’s, the same group undermined the team, squandering a host of early picks and ultimately failing to produce an adequate supply of young talent for the team.

Less well known is this: that the poor work of that scouting staff during the dynasty years helped bring an end to the powerhouse Oilers.

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Jason Gregor
October 04 2012 01:02PM

It is official. The NHL announced they've cancelled 82 games up until Oct 24th. Six Oiler games are officially done, and we likely are looking at more in the coming weeks.

This sucks.

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Nail Yakupov 3, St. Petersburg SKA 2

Jonathan Willis
October 04 2012 10:13AM

On Wedensday, Nail Yakupov and an underpowered Neftekhimik Nizhekamsk team took on a star-studded St. Petersburg roster that includes 13 players with NHL experience (including ex-Oilers Patrick Thoresen, Denis Grebshkov and Alexei Semenov) as well as star prospect Vladimir Tarasenko.

Neftekhimik won 3-2 in the shootout. Nail Yakupov scored both regulation goals, and tallied twice more in the shootout (including scoring the game winner). After the jump, my impression of his first game back in the KHL after an IIHF-enforced suspension.

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October 04 2012 07:59AM

This is David Musil. He is playing his final junior season with the Vancouver Giants. Despite fine play from the young defender, the Giants are not winning hockey games. Is Musil a candidate for trade? Could the Oil Kings be interested?

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NHL replacement players? Forget about it!

Jason Strudwick
October 03 2012 03:09PM

I have always been a big fan of Abba. Love the music, the beat and even the dancing they did in concert. However, unlike Wanye after a break up, I never cried myself to sleep listening to 'One of Us'. Doesn't mean I didn't feel the passion!

I would love to see them live in concert. It would be awesome. Reports out of Sweden say they were offered a billion dollars to get back together. They turned it down, no chance of a reunion tour. Brutal! So what is the next best thing?

Replacements! Same music, clothes, beat and dancing, but still just replacements. It just wouldn't be the same. The quality just wouldn't be there.

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