Nail Yakupov: Coming Home

Steve Dangle
November 22 2012 12:56PM

Nail Yakupov: Coming Home is a documentary on Oilers 1st overall pick Nail Yakupov's return "home" to Sarnia from his new home in Russia playing in the KHL.

Steve "Dangle" Glynn (me) and fellow Nations contributor Andrey Osadchenko drove to Sarnia to watch Yakupov in action and have two in-depth interviews with him. We also sat down and spoke to Yakupov's good friend and former teammate Alex Galchenyuk, the Montreal Canadiens' covetted 2012 3rd overall pick.

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Worst to First Jerseys: The Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
November 22 2012 10:56AM

This installment of the Worst to First Jerseys features the Edmonton Oilers, and much thanks to Oilers Nation for letting me guest post on their blog. On my own blog, I talk about about graphic design in hockey and I'll be doing the rest of the league over time, so come by Hockey By Design to check it out.

By John van der Woude

The Oilers are the epitome are consistency in a league that tends to treat design like a revolving door: easy come, easy go. Aside from the Original 6 teams, only Philadelphia and St. Louis have kept essentially the same logo since the Oilers joined the league in 1979. (Pittsburgh, Buffalo and the NY Islanders have all gone back to their circa 1979 logos, but not before dabbling with other atrocities.) And the Oilers' jerseys have remained admirably consistent as well.

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Danke Schoen

November 22 2012 07:58AM

I know, it's American Thanksgiving, so this may seem a little off-kilter, but I was busy during Canadian Thanksgiving, slaughtering pumpkins by the thousands and engaging in our traditional ritual of animal sacrifice. So you'll excuse me if this is a little late.

So here we are in November, the NHL and the PA are being jerks while we fans are left shopping for hotel packages to Oklahoma City and trying to convince our wives and girlfriends (preferably not both) that the shopping there is amazing. Meanwhile the city and the Katz group are playing games of chicken while the meter on the construction costs that will ultimately be paid by the citizens of this city just keeps going up and up and up. And winter is here. What better time to sit down and list all the many things for which we can be thankful?

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Grabovski headshot on Varlamov, Yakupov scores in the shootout, and more KHL

Steve Dangle
November 21 2012 08:52PM


Mikhail Grabovski drilled Colorado Avanlanche (currently Lokomotiv) goalie Semyon Varlamov right in the head in the first period of Lokomotiv's game against CSKA Moscow on Wednesday. Was it on purpose? I'll let you decide. 

In other Wednesday KHL action, Nail Yakupov scores in the shootout, and Ilya Kovalchuk's duo with Blues prospect Vladimir Tarasenko might be the most deadly duo in hockey right now.

Get some!

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Ex-NHL’er says he wants to “make whole” in Gary Bettman’s head

Jonathan Willis
November 21 2012 05:21PM

Another day, another rejected proposal to end the 2012 NHL Lockout, another slew of tweets from partisans on both sides. While a number of current and former NHL players had strong words for NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, it was retired NHL’er Jeff O’Neill who made the stupidest comment on the day.

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