Jason Gregor
September 24 2012 01:37PM

What a weekend: Coaches grabbing referees, executives comparing players to cattle, ill-advised tweets and Strudwick's first medal since 1995.

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The Best of the Nation - 9.24.12

Jonathan Willis
September 24 2012 10:34AM

Nathan MacKinnon is the consensus pick as the best player eligible for the 2013 Draft. Who else is available? What NHL list that nobody wants to be on did Ryan Kesler just make? What kind of livestock did an NHL executive compare NHL players to? Why is Toronto slamming the “best goalie coach on the planet”? When will the NHL lockout end?

All that and more, after the jump.

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The Great Eight Talking Tough!

Jason Strudwick
September 24 2012 09:33AM

Photo: 1995hoo/Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 3.0

Last week, while doing a conference call with some Washington reporters, Alex Ovechkin suggested that if a rollback is included in the next CBA deal, he would consider staying in Russia to play.

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September 23 2012 07:50AM

Back when the NHL played in arenas across North America, we could talk about games and statistics and trades and things. Nowadays, the subject involves lockouts and buildings, and "hockey" talk has given way to business and empre building. This week, a couple of missteps at least gave us something else to discuss.

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September 22 2012 09:50AM

Nail Yakupov made his pro debut in what might be the best league on the planet today, as the Oilers prospects continue to kick off their 12-13 seasons and possibly settle in with the teams they'll play for this year.

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