GDB: Battle of Alberta, AHL-Style

Jonathan Willis
November 10 2012 03:31PM


Time: 8:00pm

Location: Abbotsford Entertainment Sports Complex

Broadcast: SNET

Edmonton/Baron view (courtesy Jonathan Willis)

The Oklahoma City Barons enter tonight's contest reeling from consecutive shutout losses, most recently on Friday at the hands of the Abbotsford Heat.

Todd Nelson entered Friday's game attempting to diversify his attack - splitting the trio of Jordan Eberle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Taylor Hall over three separate lines. Ultimately, rather than diversifying he diluted; Hall's still well back of his form from previous years, Nugent-Hopkins proved unable to turn Tyler Pitlick and Antti Tyrvainen into scorers, and even Eberle's line struggled to generate offence depsite strong efforts from himself and Teemu Hartikainen.

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November 10 2012 10:09AM

After the watershed 1979-81 drafts, the Oilers were still producing useful talent. Now that the current Oilers have gathered their Jacks and Kings, how are they doing with those useful 6's and 7's and 9's?

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November 09 2012 07:43AM


His skating was a marvel, his ability to jump into the offense legendary, and his accomplishments rewrote the record book. Still, Paul Coffey was never able to shake the initial criticisms in regard to the quality of his defensive play. In the end, Paul Coffey was a magnificent and flawed player rolled into one--and a wonder to observe. 

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November 08 2012 02:11PM

Whats more fun than all of the perpetual Lockout news and the Edmonton Arena losing all momentum and grinding to a halt? How about Jordan Eberle trade rumours?

*facepalms so hard his head pops off his shoulders and rolls to OKC*

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Take a load off, Annie

Jonathan Willis
November 08 2012 10:08AM

Ever since Bob Stauffer broke out his “wow factor” trade rumour the other day, there’s been a thought that has stuck with me, and it’s about the summer of 2013. It will be an important one for the Oilers, and while many fans will be untroubled by a date so far in the future, the guys in the front office had better have it marked in red.

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