Nation Radio - September 8, 2012

September 09 2012 11:46AM

Usually we'd be starting to talk about training camp around this time. Instead, the focus is still the possible lockout, the summer's activities by Canada's NHL teams and advanced stats and how they enhance our enjoyment of the game. We explore these topics and others with guests Harrison Mooney, Terry Jones and more.

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September 09 2012 09:14AM

For some reason, the subject of goaltenders has been coming up a lot lately. Although I'm a fan of math and stats--when it comes to goaltenders--confidence and attitude must have some impact. Right?

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September 08 2012 08:27AM

This is Daniil Zharkov dealing with an evildoer. Zharkov may be getting more attention than normal for an Oiler draft pick, as the lockout and the internet will give Oilers Nation a chance to check up on the prospects regularly. How DO you follow all of the prospects?

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September 07 2012 05:50PM

Edmonton Oilers

Over the years, the Edmonton Oilers have provided us with tremendous on and off ice entertainment. Although there are dark skies on the NHL horizon, the relationship between the Oilers and Oilers Nation shines on.

I had some fun at Klondike Days in the 70s and 80s, saw the Beach Boys and Chicago (don't remember the year for either concert). I've seen some wonderful football, the Eskimos have been excellent entertainment for most of my life. The really good rock bands always seem to come here, even in the beginning.

My favorite shows? Hmmm. Elvis Costello don't remember the year, Genesis was amazing the time I saw them and even though they were exactly 100 years old, the Rolling Stones rocked Commonwealth the night I was there in a big way. Only band on the planet that can boast Keith Richards throwaway line "here's one" and then back it up with the alltime "Happy." Man, that was a night to remember.


When it comes down to putting a footprint on a community, the Edmonton Oilers are kings. In my day job, driving around talking to people in the city, the subject has gone from "where will they play the Russian?" to "how long will we have to wait?" with very little time for anger, rage or threat.


Oilers Nation will stand vigil until the heroes return. Whatever the issues keeping Edmonton and their Oilers apart, the fanbase will return stronger than ever. Hockey is part of the fabric, like beer, Jill Hennessy, blue jeans and donair.

Hurry Sundown, come on winter.

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Jason Gregor
September 07 2012 12:22PM

It's Positive Friday, so let's drift off into a fantasy world that doesn't involve another potential lockout involving two sides who can't find a way to split $3.3 billion in gross revenues. I had to get off twitter because I couldn't stomach seeing another, "Bettman, Daly and the two Fehr's have been meeting for an hour," or  "Two hours and they are stillllllllllll meeting."

They are meeting, and the meeting lasted two hours, maybe longer. OMG. What's next we will find out Shania Twain lip-synched at the Grey Cup in Edmonton?

Okay, I digress, there will be no more mention of the lockout in the next few paragraphs, and instead I will write with the assumption that in 14 days the Oilers, and every other NHL team, will report to training camp on September 21st. That's a much more positive option for hockey fans.

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