Ryan Whitney: Go to the FRONT of the Line!

June 02 2011 06:44PM

Ryan Whitney has a lot going for him. He's a quality NHL defenseman (an endangered species in our town), a wonderful twitter author and is generally well thought-of by those "in the know". However, I think he's about to spike in popularity among Oiler fans. Why? Read on.

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"Few Ventured to Communicate"

June 02 2011 07:51AM

There are rumors from far away places that there's interest in free agent Steve MacIntyre. There's a big difference between interest from another team and MacIntyre signing with Chekhov.

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Last Place Teams, Five Years Later: Group Performance

Jonathan Willis
June 01 2011 10:34PM

I hope that most have enjoyed our series tracking last place teams between 1995-96 and 2005-06, and their performance five years out. As we’ve seen, performance has varied from team-to-team – from squads that went on to win the Stanley Cup, to teams that put in a competent performance, to the perpetual losers.

How did they fare, as a group? If we wanted an average base-line to give us an idea of what the Oilers might do if they follow the group’s curve, what would that look like? After the jump, the conclusion to this series.

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June 01 2011 03:31PM


Ain't much left to say about the Vancouver Canucks at this point. We have picked them to lose three rounds in a row and have suffered in the Playoff Preductions Project as a result. Still we would rather be dead last in the pool than correctly predict the Canucks will move on to the next round in the playoffs. We stand by our convictions.

Bruins over Canucks. Believe that.

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Last Place Teams, Five Years Later: Last Place Teams Are Run By Morons

Jonathan Willis
June 01 2011 09:14AM

The promise is the same for every last place team in the modern history of the NHL: sure, they may stink now, but stick with them and those top draft picks will eventually turn the team into a contender. This is the current plan for the Oilers.

Is it a legitimate hope? How do last place teams fare, five years after the fact? In this three part series, we’ll look at three sets of teams: successful, middling, and spectacularly bad. We continue with the simply awful.

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