Jason Gregor
October 17 2012 06:57PM

Yesterday Daryl Katz informed Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel that he wouldn't accept the mayor's invitation to come talk to city council. Today city council voted unanimously to cease negotiations with the Katz group and empowered city administration to look at other options.

This doesn't mean the deal is dead. The city is still very much open to negotiating with the Katz Group, but they will cease spending any more money on the design at this point.

Call it part of the negotiations, but for Edmontonians it was just another bad day in a four year negotiation.

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KHL Update: Grabo Goal, More of Malkin, Unlucky Chara, and more

Steve Dangle
October 17 2012 06:18PM


Hey look! Actual hockey!

Here's today's KHL highlights, featuring Mikail Grabovski, Evgeni Malkin, Zdeno Chara, and more.

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Nail Yakupov's KHL Adventure

Andrey Osadchenko
October 17 2012 01:56PM

Editor's note: Oilers Nation's Andrey Osadchenko recently caught up with Nail Yakupov. After the jump, Yakupov talks about his trouble transferring to Russia, challenges fans to come play in the KHL, talks about playing hockey again, and explains that "big ol' dive" he took the other day.

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Some Thoughts on the NHL's Proposal

Kent Wilson
October 17 2012 11:21AM



In case you missed, the NHL has published their proposal to the players union on today in stark black and white for the public's perusal. Getting past any cynical deductions about why the league would choose to finally share a proposal in living color with the fans at large, the deal itself contains a number of fascinating items that go well beyond the primary issues that were reported yesterday.

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Jason Gregor
October 17 2012 09:53AM

On Tuesday the NHL came up with an actual proposal in the hopes of ending this asinine lockout. The NHLPA will make an official comment today or tomorrow and should have some sort of rebuttal later this week. The NHL's offer won't be accepted as is, but at least on the surface it looks like a good starting point.

Meanwhile the Katz Group sent a letter to Mayor Mandel, and then to numerous media outlets, advising Edmonton's mayor that they won't be addressing city council today. This wasn't a surprise. The Katz Group has stated from the beginning they didn't want to negotiate publicly. This doesn't look a good starting point, but I don't think it's an end point either.

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