October 18 2012 08:18PM

When it comes to negotiation, there are several styles that can and will work. It all depends on what your side wants and the other side desires. Then, you have to use the things available to you--time, money, bullets, assclowns--to force the issue. At some point, the other side gives in, sells the plant or moves everything to China.

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October 18 2012 03:54PM


At first we looked back and were shocked to find that we had written the original with regards to the arena article over two months ago. Then when you think about it absolutely nothing has happened in the time since - no end to the lockout, no movement on the arena whatsover.

"Time literally stands still when you are having fun." - Nobody, Ever.

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Missing A Party

Jonathan Willis
October 18 2012 01:28PM

One of the Katz Groups’ battle cries throughout the process of negotiating a new arena deal, and particularly of late, has been ‘we want the same kind of deal that Winnipeg got.’ In Winnipeg, the ownership of the Jets receives an annual subsidy estimated at $5.5 million from gambling revenue, in addition to the help they got in building their arena.

The problem is that the Winnipeg deal saw three parties at the table, rather than just two.

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AHL Development

Jason Strudwick
October 18 2012 11:13AM

With the NHL in full lockout mode a lot of the hockey world’s focus has shifted to the AHL. Edmonton Oiler fans are very interested in the Oklahoma City Barons. With Eberle, Nugent-Hopkins and Paarjarvi playing there already and Hall practicing with the team it makes a lot of sense. Throw in first year pro Justin Schultz and all the other prospects on the team and we are talking about many of the young blue chip studs the Oilers have in their system. I am sure Oilers management is hoping the current Barons lineup will be all over the Oilers roster in the years to come.

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Jason Gregor
October 17 2012 06:57PM

Yesterday Daryl Katz informed Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel that he wouldn't accept the mayor's invitation to come talk to city council. Today city council voted unanimously to cease negotiations with the Katz group and empowered city administration to look at other options.

This doesn't mean the deal is dead. The city is still very much open to negotiating with the Katz Group, but they will cease spending any more money on the design at this point.

Call it part of the negotiations, but for Edmontonians it was just another bad day in a four year negotiation.

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