A little bit too Eager

Jason Strudwick
October 23 2012 10:52AM

Friday night, Edmonton Oilers forward Ben Eager got into an altercation with a doorman at a bar in Toronto. Details are a little slim and I don't really care what happened. Bar fights happen every night all across Canada but when they involve a NHL player, especially during a lock out, it becomes big news.

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Malkin & Kulemin light it up, Ovechkin scores and gets punchy, and more KHL Highlights

Steve Dangle
October 22 2012 11:04PM

Lots of KHL goodness today. Malkin puts up 4 points and helps Nikolai Kulemin get two of his own, Ovechkin scores and helps Nicklas Backstrom get his first KHL point, and he gets a little punchy, too.


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Robin Brownlee
October 22 2012 10:06PM

While I admire those churning out KHL reports, AHL updates and even season point projections (without any of us having the first clue if we'll have an NHL season or how many games it'll be), I don't see a single issue I can hang a whole item on, so I won't even try.

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Jason Gregor
October 22 2012 11:06AM

In part one of my interview with Taylor Hall, he talked about his shoulder rehab and how much stronger he felt. Today he discusses leadership, bag skates, chirping Strudwick and he had some smart observations about young kids playing hockey.

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Edmonton Oilers Point Projections: Top-Six

Robert Vollman
October 22 2012 07:14AM

Point projections you find in hockey magazines are based on the intuitive guesses of analysts who follow the teams closely, and can therefore occasionally be skewed by personal biases or wishful thinking.  That's why it's best to supplement (not replace) them with purely statistically-based projections.

For the third season in a row over at the Flamesnation sister site we're using the two most popular statistical projection systems, Tom Awad's VUKOTA and my own Snepsts67, to anchor our expectations.  The former is more established, regularly winning David Staples' comparative analysis, and has the advantage of also estimating games played while the latter defines lower and upper ranges, and finds good historical examples within.

Given Edmonton's well-established reputation as being among the most stats-savvy fans in the NHL, it makes sense to start covering this here as well – and give Staples another system to throw into the mix.

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