Jason Gregor
October 17 2012 09:53AM

On Tuesday the NHL came up with an actual proposal in the hopes of ending this asinine lockout. The NHLPA will make an official comment today or tomorrow and should have some sort of rebuttal later this week. The NHL's offer won't be accepted as is, but at least on the surface it looks like a good starting point.

Meanwhile the Katz Group sent a letter to Mayor Mandel, and then to numerous media outlets, advising Edmonton's mayor that they won't be addressing city council today. This wasn't a surprise. The Katz Group has stated from the beginning they didn't want to negotiate publicly. This doesn't look a good starting point, but I don't think it's an end point either.

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Jason Gregor
October 16 2012 09:44PM

Taylor Hall flew to OKC today for a two week conditioning stint. I spoke to him yesterday about a variety of topics from his conditioning, to rarely taking slapshots to his first impressions of Justin Schultz. Here is part one of our conversation.

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KHL Update: Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, and the Top 10 Goals & Saves of the Week

Steve Dangle
October 16 2012 07:43PM


So apparently the NHL season might start on November 2nd. Until then, keep your fingers crossed, sit back, and check out these KHL videos! 

We have the Top 10 goals and saves of this past week, as well as highlights of Kovalchuk slinging sauce in SKA's 7-3 win, as well as Ovechkin doing good stuff and not-so-good stuff.

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Robin Brownlee
October 16 2012 05:37PM

It's nice to see Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr finally put an end to all the dick measuring that's gone on during the NHL lockout by way of today's news the NHLPA finally has a new proposal to contemplate.

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NHL offers the players a 50/50 split

Jonathan Willis
October 16 2012 11:21AM

According to multiple reports, the NHL has made a new offer to the players’ association during their meeting today. One portion the proposal is the offer of a 50/50 split of hockey-related revenue with the players.

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